World Kindness Day

world kindness dayHow can you make the world a better place? With little acts of kindness. Friday, November 13th is World Kindness Day. We plan to celebrate this special day being a lot kinder to everyone around us, like maybe opening a door for someone, picking up litter, letting someone go in front of us in line, or putting a post it note on a friend’s desks. There’s so many little things that we can all do that add up to a whole lot of kindness. Check out these easy ideas too.

Also, watch this You Tube video called Color Your World with Kindness. And then comment below. How will you color your world with kindness. We hope you’ll join in! (And don’t forget to leave your blog address if you’d like us to pay your blog a visit too.)


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38 thoughts on “World Kindness Day

  1. Hi Bloggin Frogs,
    My name is Eden and I just visited your blog for the first time and looked at your recent post. World Kindness Day. I never thought about it too much but when I read your post it made me think about it. I watched your video and it was really great. I’m glad you put a visual like that there because it helped me and probably many other people understand the concept more. How do you feel about world kindness, what would your class do to do an act of kindness? If you can get back to me, here is the link to my blog.


  2. HI , Mrs.Mckelvey , I think that you did a wonderful post and a nice one too it was really detailed of what people could do to be nice :).

  3. Dear Mrs. Mckelvey,
    I read your post about world kindness day and I think it’s a great idea. I love that you have a video and it helped readers understand what the day is all about. I think the world would be a better place if more people were kinder to each other. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this post as it reminded me of how important it is for people to be kind to one another. I’d be interested to learn more about this class will be doing for World Kindness Day. If you would like, you can come visit my blog. Here is the link:

  4. Hello Blogging Frogs, I was very inspired by your post called World Kindness Day. The way I will help the world is by giving people a little something to smile about when they’re down. How will you change the world? If you would like to comment back or read my blog here is the link.

    Best regards

    1. Hey Caidin tell me how are you inspired for world kindness day and what are you giving to people?

  5. I want to make the world a better place too. I will help people. I will help my mom with chores. Maybe I’ll take my neighbors a little gift.


  6. A world without kindness is a very bad thing! If there was no such thing as kindness, no one would be trading nice things or giving hugs. I’m happy there is such a thing as kindness otherwise people just might not say yes anymore when you want to borrow something.

    I plan to help my mom make dinner today. I will tell a friend that he’s awesome.


    1. Bridger what would you do if you didn’t have any one else help other, or just make kindness bigger what would you do to help the world?

  7. Hey,
    World kindness day is a day where we should be kind so we can make someone’s day. Really we should always be doing that because it colors our world. Here are some ways you could be doing that: first spend the day with some one who is alone; or pick up trash; or just make someone’s day by sharing a hug. If you put yourself out there to help others you can help the world so much.

    And what are you doing for World kindness day?

  8. Hi! Mrs.Mckelvey

    My name is Amy. I think one of the ways we can spread kindness to other people is you can be kind to each other and you can also help people who needs help.

  9. What I’m going to do is help someone? Let them play football with us because it’s world kindness day and because were making new teams so we can make someone that doesn’t have anyone to play with. So we can make the world a better place and so he can make someone else filled with joy. If you want someone to have a good day treat them with kindness.

  10. Hi Mrs. Mckelvey,
    I like your post for world kindness and I think it is good. I have an act of kindness that my mom did that I would like to share. One time my mom was at Starbucks and there was a mom with two children in a stroller in front of her. The woman bought a coffee with a Starbucks gift card and the woman at the counter said that she did not have enough money on her card so the woman went to get her wallet out of her car. When she left my mom told the person at the counter that she would pay for the coffee but she couldn’t tell who did it. When the mom came back the woman at the counter told her that someone had paid her bill and she gave her the coffee. I could tell that it made my mom happy. Will you be doing acts of kindness like this?

  11. Dear Mrs mckelvey,
    I like this post because it was very interesting and it thought me to be nicer in the world, and it funny that world kindness day is in “NO”vember and not in a different month. (Oh and its “YES”vember so stay positive not negative), oh now I think I now why it in “NO”vember well as some people call it “YES”vember, because it is yes! not no. If there was no just thing as kindness, everyone would be so mean.

    Sophia P.

  12. Hi,
    World kindness day is a very good way to make a happier world. Don’t just do it on World kindness day do it every day. We don’t want a grumpy world I don’t to make the world happier you could help someone up, or just simply pick up a piece of trash. Anything helps even the smallest thing.

  13. I think World Kindness Day is a great way to make our world a better place. A world without kindness is a very bad thing. Some ideas are to take someone to the nurse, eat lunch with a lonely person that is sad. There are many more ways to be kind.

  14. Hello,
    Today I looked at this girl and saw she had no friend to play with. So I went to her and asked if she wanted me to play with her she said sure I will love to play wit you because I had no one play with. So we walked all around the school and asked each other some questions like what is your name, and what is your favorite color? And we are going to play to together at lunch today too!

  15. Hey,
    I have some ideas to do for world kindness day.First, we can can sit with someone that is lonely. Second, we could jive complements to people that seem down. Then, we could help pick up trash. Last, we can just make people happy! Just remember to always but kind to one and another!

  16. Hello,
    I really like the world kindness day video because it is always good to be reminded to be kind. A way I will try to be kind is if someone is feeling sad or they tripped I would ask them if they were ok or help them up.

  17. Hi,
    Do you like my idea? How about if someone is sitting all alone you can sit with them and if someone is in a wheelchair you can help open a door?

  18. Hi Mrs.Mckelvey,
    I read your post about world kindness day and I think that it would be a great idea to try and make the world a better place. A few ways that might help to be nicer are maybe to give somebody something to smile about if they are having a bad day, another idea is to pick up any litter that you see, two more ideas that might help are to help a friend up if they fell down, and to help somebody out if they look really busy. I hope that you will participate in world kindness day and comment some more ideas to help out.


  19. I think that world kindness day makes a difference in everyone’s life. Every one should be able to have a chance to have a great life.


    1. I agree Just like you everyone should have a great life. How are you helping the world? From, Keeley never stop smiling 😏

  20. Hi Bloggin Frogs,
    Maybe to color our world we could give people stuff that we don’t need, like some toys for kids that have absolutely nothing! Or we could pick up trash so the janitors don’t have to clean up after you.

  21. Dear Mrs. Mckelvey,
    I like the world kindness day idea because it is a great way to get the world involved with kindness. I liked the video. It gave me even more ideas of being kind. Some ideas in my mind are inviting someone new to eat lunch with me and giving people complements.


  22. Hi,
    I think that world kindness day is a really good way to think of acts of kindness and nice things to do for people. Some things that you could to make someone happy is,you could make a new friend,sit by someone that doesn’t have someone to sit next to,like someone that is alone,if someone is new to your school and they don’t have any friends yet you could tell them your name and ask if they want to play with you. And that is why I think that world kindness day is a good day to do a random act of kindness.
    From, Avi

  23. I read your post about world kindness and I think it was a really good idea to post the video because it shows how we can help the world be a better place and have kindness all around the world. Hope you have a good day, Mrs.Mckelvey

  24. Hello fellow Bloggin Frogs!
    I have some ideas to make the world a better place. We can share, we can help others, and make other people’s day by being silly to others who are down. Lets do this and make the world a better place.

  25. Hello Mrs. Mckelvey. This is Maya. These are 10 nice things you can do to people. You have inspired me so much! There are probably thousands of nice things you can do to people.
    #1 Say “Hi” or “Hello”.
    #2 Say “Thank you” or “thanks”
    #3 Write a thank you letter.
    #4 Walk a elderly lady across the street.
    #5 If you see someone in a rush let them go first.
    #6 Play with a new person.
    #7 Help the teacher clean up the classroom.
    #8 Send a few dollars or change to a homeless charity.
    #9 If someone drops there books help them pick them up.
    #10. Help someone else if they’ve fallen
    #11. Tell someone “Great Job.”
    #12. Pick up some trash and put it in the trash can.
    #13. If someone is frustrated make them feel better
    #14. Help the younger kids around.
    #15. Say I love you to your mom
    #16. Give a present or valentine to your classroom.
    #17. Bake cookies for your Grandmother.
    #18. Say ” you are nice!” to a friend.
    #19. Run a few miles to help a cancer charity.
    #20. Go all the way up to Davis just to watch a movie she wants to watch with you.
    O.K the last one is true for me but, there are probably thousands of nice things that you can do. Pick one and make someone’s day!!

    1. WOW! Now that’s an awesome list. I love when kiddos help me tidy up the classroom. I also like “play with a new person”. Perhaps, you can make this into a poster that we put up around school. And, how about an eposter. Check out It’s a cool site where you can make eposters.
      Mrs. Mc

    2. Maya most of the thing on the list most people can do. Like number 1# say hi I mean that can just help the world a lot. And make cookies for your grandmother that nice and a little bigger set to color our world. Run a few miles to help cancer charity that help people and our world once again. How would you help the world? From, your friend Keeley never stop smiling 😏

  26. I agree that kindness can brighten the world one person at a time.Here’s a list of kind thing you could brighten someones day.

    #1 open a door for someone

    #2 if someone looses something give it back to them

    #3 if someone doesn’t have money on them loan them some

    #4 smile at a gloomy person 🙂

    1. Me too I love how you list some simple thing that you know can help the world a lot. Like smiling at a gloomy person I mean any one can do that. So thank you for helping the world. From your friend, Keeley. 😏

  27. It might not be world kindness day but we should all way be kind. We need to treat other the way we want to be treated. Well if your mean people are going to be mean back, but if your kind your going to have people be kind to you. So any thing you can do to help the world would help us all and me alot. What are you doing to help the world? From, Keeley

  28. Last November, I celebrated world kindness day with my best friend. We distribute some food packets and toys among the children who lives in One Good Organization.

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