February 4

No More Smoking!

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by Sophia P.

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that many people have so we should ban smoking. It can kill you. People used to think smoking was good for you. Many places have banned smoking. But some people don’t think we should ban smoking.

Many people have the habit of smoking. It can kill you. 443,000 people die because of smoking every year with 42,000 people dying in just the us alone, because of smoking. That’s all most 10% of all the smoking deaths.1,300 people die a day, just because of smoking that’s a lot.

They have also banned smoking in Mississippi. they banned smoking in Mississippi. they also banned smoking in San Lupus Obicas. Many places all over the world have banned smoking. We should put a stop to smoking everywhere.

Back in the 1920’s to the 1950”s people used to think that smoking wasn’t bad for. But what they didn’t know that it was bad for you, it turns your lungs black and it also causes lung cancer. People back then would smoke in commercials. In 1964 scientist found out that smoking is bad for your lungs and it kills you.

Thank you for reading my essay, and I hope you now want to ban smoking. It kills you. It has been banned in many places all over the world. Now let’s do it together and ban smoking. Smoking is just not right.



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Posted February 4, 2016 by sophiapeltier in category Health

3 thoughts on “No More Smoking!

  1. #Boo

    I loved the way you put a lot of information because thus is a big issue and i think it was a good topic because not a lot of people did this so that you can give more information to the people that read you opinion witting peace.

  2. aidenh0405

    I liked the way you showed the reasons why people should not smoke. Have people banned smoking anywhere else in the world?



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