February 4

Safety In Sports


by Jack Clark        

Young athletes can get hurt easily by playing sports so safety is important.;( Safety is the easiest thing that you can do in sports because all you need to do is not play reckless.


Stretching can limit injuries by you preparing muscles for the game which also helps you play better and it loosens up your joint for the game so that makes you play harder. Sometimes it is fun to stretch anyway so that mean why would people not stretch if it does that stuff. Someone       

because of no stretching at a high school in Chicago said a website that forgot the name of, so that tells you that you should stretch before every game.


Another way you can prevent injuries is you can be careful. You can be careful by not playing reckless and playing careful is very important because you can either hurt or not any thing so don’t do that. The easiest way to be careful is to not play so hard, If you play hard there’s a bigger chance to get injured and if you get hurt stop playing said medlineplus.


If you play different sports instead of the same one over and over you change muscles, you use in sports so it gives some muscles a break at times and if you ever feel bad,tell a coach of the sport.


So get hurt like crazy. No don’t, be really careful in games that you play.


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