February 10

Fat Food Not Fast Food

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by Jaidyn 

A lot of people eat fast food but fast food is very bad so, people should eat less of it because,1.it is very fating and if you eat it to much you can get really FAT.2.It has bad stuff in it that sometimes makes you sick and i bett you do not want to be sick… i dont. Last but not least, 3.It is very cheap and cheap stuff mostly has bad stuff in it and i parents like that some food is cheap but, it is still bad for you. Did you know that if you eat too much of the bad stuff that is in Fast Food you can get cancer.

A lot of fast food taste good but that is because there is so much bad things in it like salt and sugar and other bad stuff. If you live in San Diego then you should be lucky because there are not as much fast food than other places in the world like Mexico and New York city.

Do you know how much calories are in a big mac at McDonalds? There are 540 calories and if you  

Fast Food is cheap and most of the time cheap food is bad for you, but some people don’t have a lot of money so they eat fast food a lot of fast food. I sometimes have fast food because my parents don’t get there check for work till Friday and Wednesday.

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