February 11

Drones Stink!

Phone the Drone Ars Electronica Center via Compfight

By Ava    

Lots of people are thinking dones are fun so they want to buy drones but we need to get them under control. Thieves can use drones to spy on other people. Drones are very expensive. Drones are also taking over jobs that people do.

How would you like it if someone broke into your house? Well now they can with drones. Right now a drone could be spying on you and in a matter of minutes someone can break into your house.

Some drones can cost up to $150, $290, or even over $1,000. who would want a toy that would waste all of your allowance. Sometimes a drone will cost a lot of money but will break down, and will waste your money.   

Drones are taking over things that we do which is not a good idea because it will make people lazy and not wanting to do their job(s). Kids are going to soon have drones doing their homework, which will increase kids lack of smarts.

To some people a drone can be very disturbing, but to most people think drones are fun and good to play with. For drones there are more bad reasons than good, that is why we should ban DRONES from California.


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Posted February 11, 2016 by BlogginFrogsStudent in category Science & Tech

4 thoughts on “Drones Stink!

  1. julia420437

    Dear Ava,
    I agree with you about drones but I don’t think that other people agree. I also think drones are bad because they wastes your money and help bad people spy on us and rob us.
    Julia and Aubrey

  2. Pieter

    I think you are a little confused about drones. Drones are robots that save lives every day. they can quickly deliver life saving objects with out running in to traffic. they can also solve crimes by secretly taking pictures of the criminal. In other words, I disagree.

  3. julia420437

    It doesn’t matter how cool it is to control a drone. There could be one spying on someone right now! Drones can be dangerous


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