February 22

Board Games Give You Intellect and Manners!

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by Mattias

Lots of kids like to play board games like Monopoly, Sorry, Ticket To Ride, Catan, and Clue. Board games can do great things to your brain. Board games can help your thinking, intelligence, and strategy. Read this essay for us to play more board games.

If you ever have trouble in school, board games can improve that. The board game Clue was actually used by a teacher and his kids played it in class for logic and guessing. Other board games also help with critical thinking logic. It helps math if it has anything to do with numbers. Games like Scrabble and other word games help you with word study and other word activities.

Board games help you with manners too! Board games where you have to work together to get your goal helps you have manners to stay confident with others. “Games that are competitive help you not get angry if you don’t get something you want,” says Prezi. “You can play a board game to calm you down if you have a lot of energy.”

Last but not least, they help you with daily things, like understanding things. They help you plan ahead If something doesn’t go too smooth for you.  You might not get what you want.Games like Catan and Ticket to Ride help you with strategy, so you can figure out confusing things faster and better.
Now, with all these details about how the board games give you manners and make you smart, I hope you agree with me of how these games actually make you smarter and more civilized. You get calmer, more smarter, and be able to solve problems better and quicker than you did before. I know some people will say that they are very boring, so you should not play them. I think that is a bunch of bologna, but some people might disagree with me. They’re great, So it’s a real benefit if you play board games.

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