May 1

Star Stable

Star Stable

SSO ( Star Stable)

By Cheyenne

Star Stable Online is a game for only girls, but includes HORSES!!!! There are so much breeds like Shires or Morgans all of them you name it!

When you start it takes a while to download, when it is done downloading you get to make your own character and name it with the names they have. You can also name and choose and color for you own first horse! It is slow at first but you can get more gear for your horse and character. WARNING: only free until  level 5 . You can get  star rider to continue more quests.

Now to the cool part! If you want more star coins for new horses you can buy them on their site Star Stable Their really cool!  

Star Stable loves new players. So go to their website today and make an account.

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Posted May 1, 2016 by blogginfrogs2 in category Games

6 thoughts on “Star Stable

  1. Dan

    horses are my favourite Animal. Because they can take you places and they can kick the stranges when they are robbing you

  2. M.M

    they should make a boy version of this
    even though im a girl i personaly believe that there should be a boy version

    1. blogginfrogs2 (Post author)

      Boys tha want to plz go to STAR STABLE’S channel and comment on that i ready want that to happen but many people try so maybe you can ask them and if they can maybe they will!


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