May 16

Star Stable Update

By Cheyenne

Yesterday Star Stable realest a new horse, its a Welsh Pony! This pony will be own by you only if you are friends with Hermit, i¬†know, i know, BUT you have to have 790 star coins so buy them at Star Stable Online. The Welsh pony is like your jorvik pony’s but smaller, SO CUTE. BUY THEM TODAY IN SOUTH HOOF! Tell me what you name them in the comments! And maybe you will see me on SSO on the cupcake Sever! NEW WELSH PONY


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Posted May 16, 2016 by blogginfrogs2 in category Games

5 thoughts on “Star Stable Update

  1. sofia

    cool in star stable what do you do? do you race or do you just take care of the horse or do you do both? i don’t know anything about this horse and pony game because iv never payed. well if you do play have lots of fun and maybe when i have nothing to do i might just as well play or try out this interesting game!

  2. kimberly416987

    This article or blog was terrific but it would be more handy if you might’ve said what happens in star stable and more of a review on the new horse, more than just saying there a new horse. Besides that loved your article and it was amazing! thank you for reading my comment

  3. Pieter

    My name is Pieter and I think you could have revised your spelling before you published your blog. Remember, people all around the world are looking at your writing.


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