17 thoughts on “The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. I love this video it is so inspiring my favorite parts are when they put in his speeches they are son inspiring. Thank You SP (Soul Pancake).


  2. I want to change the world by designing things to make people’s lives easier. I’m thinking maybe some magnetic things that float.
    Noah N.

  3. Kid President is right, Monday is not just a day off of school. It is also a very important day so we can celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. for when he made changes in the world that made the world a better place.

  4. I agree. Dr. King has really good speeches. He talks about liberty and freedom.

  5. Monday is not a day where we relax, Monday is a day we remember Dr. King for fighting civil rights and for making changes in the world that no one would have done.

  6. I can change the world by trying to inspire people to live in peace, without war.

  7. dear Mrs. Mckelvey,

    My plan to change the world is to have boys to stop thinking their better than girls, because one its annoying and to its just mean for them to be bragging that they are better at baseball and all that.

    from Zoe

  8. I would make a lot of comments that are really nice and tell people to
    be kind.


  9. Martin Luther king Jr amassing. I loved how he just kept going even when things didn’t go as planed.

  10. Thank you for posting this mrs. mckelvey it is very inspiring. round of applause for kid president! awesome

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