May 8

April the Giraffe

April and her baby.

April, the giraffe, and her new baby.

On February 22, 2017, Animal Adventure Park in New York, put up a live feed of a giraffe who was expected to give birth at any time.  The giraffe was known to the World as April the Giraffe.  The World quickly became obsessed with watching and watching and watching the feed and waiting and waiting and waiting for the arrival of the baby giraffe. 

With over one million eyes watching, April’s baby boy was born on April 15, 2017,  He was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 129 pounds.  April gave birth while standing up which is normal and when the calf falls to the ground the umbilical cord severs.  About 45 minutes after the calf was born he stood up on wobbly legs with his mom’s help.  The zoo is currently having a contest to name the calf. 

As I said earlier the world became obsessed with April the Giraffe.  As a matter of fact a group of second and third-grade students wrote a book to document the internet sensation April had become.  The book is being sold here on Amazon.  Being able to watch April have her calf was amazing and really cool to see. You also watch the giraffes live here.

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1 thoughts on “April the Giraffe

  1. kimberly416987

    This super cute and informational text is amazing, some of my favorite parts was when you said “About 45 minutes after the calf was born he stood up on wobbly legs with his mom’s help” Now that s some quality work if I do say so myself! I say I like this part so much i because you used so much dialogue.
    Have a good day and keep writing! =D


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