May 8

Tips On How To Save Water

Thirst for water

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Drought Preparedness is about being prepared for when another drought comes. If  you don’t know what drought means this is the definition. The definition for drought is a period of dry weather.period of dry weather. I am also going to tell you about how to save water. Water saving is about  some weird ways you can save water.

First, we are going to talk about drought preparedness. To be drought prepared, you need to not waste water. If you waste water southern California will become a drought again. Here are some tips: You can install a rain catch system. This system can help you catch rainfall in a can from your downspout. Another is that you can have stored water. This helps you so you don’t have to use water from the spigot. You can water your lawn and flowers with the water stored from rainfall.

Next is on how to save water. Here are some ways to save water: you can use your watering can instead of the hose. You can also put in the biggest load of clothes into your washing machine so you can save time and water. You should not run water when brushing your teeth. You should take shorter showers.

Now you know how to be prepared for when another drought comes.  You also know how to save water from the above-mentioned tips. These tips should be used at all times, not just to be prepared for a drought, but also as a concerned citizen to be sure we have the water we need to survive. 

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