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Alexander Hamilton


Alexander Hamilton Statue in Central Park (New York City) - February 18, 2017 Corey Seeman via Compfight

by Ellie

How would you feel if feel your father ran away and your mother died? Do you think you would grow up to be a famous American founding father? Well, that is exactly what Hamilton did.

Alexander Hamilton had a very hard early life. He was born in Nevis. His father ran away because he was married to two girls. Then his mother died from an illness so he had to live with his cousin. But his cousin committed suicide. Then a hurricane destroyed his land so he had to move to New York.  

Hamilton played an important role in founding our country. For example, he was in the army and he led the soldiers to victory in Yorktown. He helped write our country’s constitution. He was also the first treasury secretary of the United States.

Alexander did not live a long life. For many years he was in a feud with Aaron Burr. They disagreed about many things. Then after a long time, Aaron Burr decided to have a duel. A duel is where two people bring guns and walk 10 paces away and fire. Alexander got hit and died the next day.

Hamilton’s life was short but very important.  He lived 49 years.  You can see his face on the ten dollar bill.  Also, there is now a very famous musical about his life.  It is called “Alexander Hamilton.”  

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2 thoughts on “Alexander Hamilton

  1. Mrs. McKelvey

    Alexander Hamilton is certainly not as well known as George Washington. It’s a shame he died young as I wonder what else he would have accomplished in his life.
    -Mrs. McKelvey


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