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Carnivorous Plants

Red and White

A sundew plant.

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Imagine you are an explorer that is in a tropical place until you find these plants you have never seen !!!. I am here to talk about carnivorous plants. Today you would be learning about strange plants like that Bladderwort, Sundew and Pitcher plant.


Bladderwort is carnivorous plants belonging to the Lentibulariaceae family consisting of approximately 223 species. They capture small organisms by means of bladder-like traps. They live in freshwater or wet soil across every continent except Antarctica.


Sundews belong to Droseraceae family and they are one of the largest genera of carnivorous plants. Sundew leaves utilize hairy tentacles and gluey liquid to trap their prey. They grow in moist and acidic soils with a lot of sunlight.

Pitcher Plants

Another Pitcher plants

A pitcher plant.

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Pitcher plants are carnivores whose leaves are known as pitfall traps. Their prey catching mechanism consists of a deep cavity containing digestive fluids. They live in acidic soils poor in minerals.

“Most of the time, plants are the ones that get eaten, but sometimes they get their revenge.” Carnivorous plants are often very colorful and attractive, have a beautiful smell and produce large quantities of nectar. The main idea of this blog post is to inform readers about carnivorous plants. Where they live and how they trap their prey. Are you aware that carnivorous plants can capture prey other than insects like mice, frogs, and other rodents?

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  1. Mrs. McKelvey

    These are fascinating plants that I’d never heard of. I wonder if the San Diego Zoo has some of these plants because they have a large collection of unusual plants.
    Mrs. McKelvey


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