Dogs and Other Cool Facts

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by Allie

Did you know that basset hounds have long floppy ears help them smell better? Or that poodle means puddle in french?  First that poodles love water and in french poodle means “puddle.” And dogs whiskers are much like our fingers.

Basset hounds have the longest ears and their ears fan the scents toward their nose. And the basset hound has an extra sharp nose. Basset hounds are also really good to watch dogs they have a deep bark which alarms them to stay away from who they are protecting. They were originally used for hunting and trailing. But they do have a lot of energy so they might need a daily walk.

Border collies are very curious and they live 12-15 years. Border collies are so curious that a border collie named Laika was so curious that she the was the first mammal ever to go into outer space! Border collies are very intelligent they were originally used to herd sheep or cows. They are so intelligent they can do many tricks such as flips and they take orders.

Beagles are very loyal and there are different breeds like the pocket beagle they are smaller than the normal beagle

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3 thoughts on “Dogs and Other Cool Facts

  1. I like it. I think you did a good job. I had no idea that poodle in french means puddle that is so cool. 🙂 Kylie

  2. You did well on hooking your reader. My favorite part about this post was reading about those weird facts about poodles meaning puddle in french and that dogs whiskers are like human fingers. I also like that picture of the dog with sunglasses.

  3. Allie,
    Have you ever seen a border collie herding sheep? You’re right! Collies are a very smart breed.
    Mrs. McKelvey

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