May 15

The Giant Dipper at Belmont Park!

The Giant Dipper was built in 1925 and still runs today.

Have you ever been to Belmont Park? Well if you haven’t I’m about to tell you about the most dangerous ride there. It’s called the Giant Dipper. The Giant Dipper, also known as the Mission Beach Roller Coaster, is a historical wooden Roller Coaster located in Belmont Park, a small amusement park in mission beach, in San Diego, California.

The Giant Dipper was built in 1925 and opened on July 3rd, 1925. It took 47 days to build it with the cost of $50,000!!!! I think the Giant Dipper is a really fun ride I just wish it wasn’t made out of wood because it is safer and could be more stable.      

Well, I’ve experienced this moment one time in my life when I was going to Belmont park with my friend. I nearly died when I went on this ride because the seat belts were not tight enough. I almost fell out of the seat of this ride. This is why I think the Giant Dipper is not safe. A scary/fun fact about Belmont park is that it is one of the top 10 most dangerous roller Coasters ever!!!

Well if you are going to Belmont Park you better be careful and make sure you hold on tight to your seat and have a tight seat belt. Imagine all the bad things that can happen to you if you don’t hold on tight and be safe. Well, that is why I never go on the Ride The Giant Dipper.

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Posted May 15, 2017 by Melanie in category Community, Current Events & News, Student Posts

5 thoughts on “The Giant Dipper at Belmont Park!

  1. jared

    Great Job Melanie! I like how you included the good and bad parts of the roller coaster. I also like how you included where it was.

    Good Job,

  2. kimberly416987

    Good evening Melanie, I have experienced the Giant Dipper myself. I completely agree with you that it shouldn’t be made out of wood and a more strong material to assure the passengers safety and satisfaction. I say this because when it was leaning to the side I was on the door was shaking and was afraid I would fall out. Good job making your text and have a good day 🙂

  3. kylie560645

    Good job. Now I have a few things to make sure of the next time I go to Belmont park. -Kylie

  4. Mrs. McKelvey

    I’ve never ridden this roller coaster but I agree that it looks very unsafe. It’s such a popular thing to do in San Diego too. I wonder how often they inspect it? Or, how much longer it will run for.
    There used to be three roller coasters just like the Belmont Park one in my hometown called Blackpool. I remember riding the Big Dipper with mum when I was a girl. It was very exciting and scary because it was so rickety and loud.
    Mrs. McKelvey


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