April 12

Dump the Test!


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Have you ever been super stressed out about taking a test? Well, I definitely have. and many others do too.  In California, kids in grades 3-12 take a standardized test every spring. Some schools don’t even have tests anymore just because it costs so much money! It costs about $1,270 dollars per classroom to have one test per year! Not to mention the fact on how much stress piles up on the students. One test can change your heart rate from 115200 to 2340000! That’s just crazy! I think schools should dump these tests.

Tests cost so much money so why even bother to keep doing them? Between the cost of the paper and the ink, the cost can pile up to over 1000 dollars! And that’s just one test per year! Why keep taking them. We could just take them on the computer. Why waste precious trees just to take a stupid test?

Not to mention how much stress piles up on the poor students. just one test per day can change your heart rate by 2224800! That’s only one test per day and in middle school, you can have up to 5 tests per day! Why do schools want us kids to be so stressed all the time?

Standardized tests do not boost learning Most kids guess on a standardized test like GATE and if they get lucky and do good when they guess the test will be harder. And say there is a kid in high school tacking the NWEA then he guesses and if he does good he could go to a good college if he does bad he will go to a bad college. And most people think there should not be the test is because they never do good on them.


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6 thoughts on “Dump the Test!

  1. Tomas Joseph

    Tests are very important because the teachers need to know if their students are doing okay. Anyways, if your heart rate was 2224800, you would definitely die.

    1. Gabe (Post author)

      Dear Tomas,
      Sure teachers need to know if their students are doing okay, but they can to that with regular tests. Also, I wasn’t talking about regular tests I was talking about standardized tests.

  2. ingrid452002

    Your article was very cool with interesting facts! I cannot believe that is how much heart rate there is in one test! you pulled me in a bunch!
    Nice Job!

  3. Lavern Sprung

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