April 12

Game Show host, Scott Rogowsky

I am talking about Scott aka Scott Rogowsky. He is a game show host for HQ Live. HQ is an app on your phone you can buy. In HQ you answer 12 questions and you have 10 seconds to answer them. If you answer them all right you win money. Usually, the prize is $2500 dollars but they changed it to $5000 dollars. HQ is a live game show on your phone, pretty much. Your chances of winning are very slim because there are usually 1 million and a half players.Image result for hq host scott If you do win, you split the prize with other people that won. But you will get very little money or a lot of money depending on how hard are the questions are. Like my mom won but there were 330 other winners because so many people won so she only won $15 dollars. The most money ever won was 25k! The most money ever played was $250 thousand dollars. Early in Scott’s career, he did not want to be an HQ host, he wanted to be a professional baseball player. He liked making people laugh in high school so he did drama in school to make people laugh. Also, he wanted to be a comedian, too.

Scott got to be the HQ host because his old colleague at The Onion kept in contact with him on Facebook. His friend Gallo was the HQ director. He tried out to be the HQ host but he had no idea how famous he was going to become. Then he got the part! He performs twice a day on the app. The reason he wanted to be the HQ host is that he thought it would fit his personality of being funny and it did. In my opinion, Scott is very funny. He always is telling jokes live, that’s why I think he is funny.

Also, he has very good humor and always makes me laugh. He is very good at his job and has nice suits. Scott stands out above the rest because he has a great personality and he is very famous. Scott is very smart, has very good jokes and he is very funny.

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