YAY! I got perfect attendance!

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Above: Illustration by Robert Matson; Below: Photos Courtesy of Families

At some schools in California, kids who have perfect attendance this year will get a new bicycle and helmet! Other schools in the U.S. also reward kids who don’t miss any classes with prizes like movie tickets and even money! Why should they get rewarded? It’s just coming to school every single day. Parents have to go to work every day and don’t get rewarded for that!

All they are doing is coming to school! They could have gotten all F’s in school but still got a pizza party or something just because they came to school! What if you got straight A+ all year and only got a sticker because they missed a day of school? How would you feel about that?

Plus, Parents have to go to work every day and do they get rewarded? No, so why should the kids get rewarded? they should have to work hard to earn something special! I mean I can understand if you got A+ all year and got perfect attendance, but just for attendance? It is just plain unnecessary.

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3 thoughts on “YAY! I got perfect attendance!

  1. Gabe, honestly I think school is a more fun place with prizes for perfect attendance!

    1. Dear Lluna,
      Sure it’s fun having perfect attendance rewards, but at least give the people with good grades a better award.

  2. I can’t believe they actually do that in some schools in California.That is ridiculous they just showed up to school their is nothing special about that.

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