June 15

Cats or Dogs?

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There’s no question that Americans love both dogs and cats. About 48 percent of people own dogs and 38 percent own cats. That’s according to the American Pet Products Association. But one thing many people can’t agree on is which animal makes a better pet.

Cat lovers say their pets are easier to care for than dogs. They point out that cats don’t bark or jump on visitors. Also, it’s cheaper to own a cat.  Dogs often need training classes and eat more than cats do.

Still, dog owners say the money they spend is worth it. They argue that dogs are more social than cats. Plus, scientists who studied the brains of both animals determined that dogs are smarter than cats. Dog lovers also point out that canines help people in ways that felines can’t. For example, dogs can be trained as service pets for people who are disabled or have food allergies. What you think?

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5 thoughts on “Cats or Dogs?

  1. gergelym10r

    I think dogs are better than cats because cats leaves fur everywhere and dogs don’t. It’s true dogs do eat more than cats but dogs are more cutter than cats and you can take dogs for walk but cats take them self for a walk cause cats leave the house and walk away from the house and they come back but dogs get lost if you let them free without you they just vanish. come and visit our site at https://edublogs.org

    1. Alice

      Firstly, not all cats leave fur. It depends on the fur length of the cat. Second, I would like to point out that your statement is biased, since you only stated the positive traits of dogs, ignoring the fact, that cats also their advantages.

  2. Alice

    I personally prefer cats, but I believe that both animals should be loved equally. Many people have preferences based on appearance (which is a matter of opinion), but truth is, cats and dogs are each suitable for different people, with different opinions and living styles. People who are busy, prefer cats, since they are independant and require less attention, but are loving and caring. People who have more flexible scedules and a more active life style will more likely prefer dogs.

  3. Aurora

    I think dogs are better because I don’t have a lot of things to do. But like Alice said ” busy people pick cats but people who have flexible scedules and more active life style would more likely pick dogs”. So if I was more busy maybe I would pick cats.


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