Origins of Roller Coasters

The first rollercoasters originated with Russian sleds.

Did you know that modern roller coasters originated from Russian ice slides? These slides were constructed in the 18th century they featured sleds or wheeled carts being sent down a series of hills and loops made of snow reinforced by wood posts.the originally slides were very dangerous because riders would be pushed down a 70-foot drop at a 50 degree angle with only a measly string holding them from falling.

Later as technology evolved the slides featured a track similar to that of a railroad, with primarily wheeled carts the early modern roller coaster was born in this ara such as les Montagnes and mauch chunk these coasters were much safer.In the 20 century coasters changed to being made of steel allowing for greater acceleration and for the ability to invert riders. Today roller coasters are are enjoyed across the globe!

A very tall modern rollercoaster.
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6 thoughts on “Origins of Roller Coasters

  1. Dear Tyler,
    I liked your fascinating roller coaster blog post it was really cool! Did you know there is 1429 roller coasters in the world? And did you also know that 300M people go on roller coasters a year? whats your favorite roller coaster park?


    1. Dear Marcel,
      I did not know that there are so many roller coasters in the world.My favorite park is universal Orlando .What is yours ?


    2. Dear Tyler,
      I love your blog. I didn’t know that in the 18th century, roller coasters were that dangerous. I like that roller coaster picture you put. It looks very scary.

      From, Jake

  2. Dear Tyler,
    Roller Coasters are really fun!I love Roller Coasters a ton,and I didn’t even know this about Roller Coasters! What really got me thinking is that they where used for Russia Sleds!By the way, did alot of people fall off when Roller Coasters when they were new?

  3. Dear Tyler,

    I did not know that the 18 century had roller coasters that were dangerous I did not even know that they had roller coasters in the 18 century? Your story was so satisfying to read if I had to read a book I would read yours all day.I love riding roller coaster my favorite is the super man at six flags what is your favorite roller coaster.

  4. Dear Tyler,

    hi some roller coater are fun and some are safer. What is the tallist roller cosater?

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