January 13

Can Animals get Sunburned?

You might think animals can get sunburned, and yes they can but they also can’t. The reason why some of the animals can’t is because some animals use sunscreen–not Coppertone but other things found in nature. Elephants use mud for sunscreen and seals use sand for sunscreen.

An elephant covers itself in mud so it doesn’t get sunburned.

Some animals don’t need sunscreen because they can’t get sunburned. That doesn’t happen to all animals though. It only happens to the animals that have really thick skin like otters or whales. If animals don’t put their sunscreen on then they will get sunburned. lf it’s a really hot day, pigs  on a farm might roll in mud so they won’t get sunburned.

Some animals like dogs and cats don’t have any sunscreen so they can get sunburned really easily. Next time it’s sunny make sure your dog or cat isn’t in the sun because he could get sunburned.

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4 thoughts on “Can Animals get Sunburned?

  1. Elijah

    Dear Ava,
    I didn’t know that some animals can get sunburned and I didn’t know that they have their own sunscreen. It was very interesting. Can squirrels get sunburned even though they have a lot of hair?

  2. Ella

    Dear Ava,
    I did not know about animals getting sun burned and using sunscreen. Now I know that animals use or can use sun protection.
    What are some reasons that animals use sun protection?




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