How Is Syrup Made?


You may like maple syrup on your waffles but do you know where it is from? Does it come from unicorns? Does it come from Atlantis? Does it come from trees? Well close enough. It comes from the Maple tree. Did you know that maple syrup was discovered by native people boiling sap thinking it was water. Syrup comes from trees but you can’t just stick a straw in a tree and start drinking.

A maple tree is what starts the magic. People collect a water with a little bit of sugar called sap. Sap is more water then sugar, sap has 1% to 4% sugar. I bet that sap will taste as plain as milk, which means it is NOT syrup. I am sure the last time you ate syrup it tasted sugary. People who make maple syrup drill a hole in the maple tree, then sap will start to pour out, then you boil it. You may ask why you boil the sap? It is because you are getting the water part out of the sap by making the water evaporate so mostly sugar is left. That’s how it’s made! You might ask why you don’t boil all the way. Here is the answer: if you boil it all the way, it turns into maple sugar to make maple candies and it tastes like (you guessed it!) maple syrup. Sounds good, right? Well this is the conclusion of this post. I hope you use this information wisely.

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7 thoughts on “How Is Syrup Made?

  1. Nolyn says:

    Dear Joaquin,
    I love maple syrup! I love to put it on my pancakes. Do you know a recipe that can incorporate maple syrup? I would love to use that recipe.

    Thanks again,

  2. Abby says:

    Dear Joaquin,
    I really enjoyed your blog! I’ve always wondered how sap is turned into syrup. This blog really helped, and I got a lot of information from it. I wonder how syrup would taste without boiling the sap? Would It be less common to use?

    • joaquin says:

      Dear Abby,
      Thank you for the nice compliment. I am glad that it was helpful to you. Those are very good questions. The answer is if you don’t boil it, the sap would still be just water with sugar. For the other question, it probably would be less common to use. When you eat pancakes or waffles with syrup it is runny and sweet. If you used plain sap it will be wet and tasteless. Thank you for the comment. I don’t have any recipes.

  3. Victoria says:

    Dear Joaquin,
    I really enjoyed your blog. I didn’t know sap was more water than sugar. Did you know that it takes 40 liters of sap to make one liter of maple syrup? When was syrup invented?


  4. Cooper Gray says:

    Dear Joaquin,
    Thank you for showing me how syrup is made and were it comes from. I was wondering why it was so sticky, do you know were maple trees are or where they come from.

    Cooper Gray

  5. Camara says:

    Dear Joaquin,
    you really now a lot about maple syrup, and i think it is really cool that you have to boil sap to make boil syrup. you have a really cool blog and i will visit you cool blog again. is syrup always runny?


  6. Dear Joaquin,
    I love maple syrup! Such a yummy treat it doesn’t seem right eating it for breakfast. I like to make a french toast casserole with bread covered with berries, eggs, and then maple syrup. I bake it in the oven. It’s delicious.
    Mrs. Mckelvey

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