The Lost Colony of Roanoke

The Roanoke colony disappeared.

You may not know about the lost colony on the island of Roanoke and that’s why I made this blog post. I hope you enjoy it! First off in August of the year 1587 the English make a permanent settlement with 90 men, 20 women, and 10 kids on the island. It was along the North Carolina coast, on Roanoke island, is where this mystery happened.

The colonist were living near the Seatan Indians and the indians have had a mean encounter with whites in early years and killed one man from the colony. John White was the leader of the colonist. They were running low on supplies and struggling to survive. The English were in the middle of a war and couldn’t send supplies to the colony so the colonist told John to go. In 1588 John sailed to England but ran into trouble and couldn’t return to the colony right away. After 3 years he sailed back to the island and finds the settlement gone! He only finds one clue– the word “Croatoan” carved into a post.

All that was found was the word “Croatoan”. The colonists had disappeared.

The disappearance helped the next group of settlers make their colony in the same area 17 years later. People have found some evidence for some theories about what happened with the colony:

  1. Hostile Spanish may came from the south and captured them
  2. They may have turned native, as there was a tribe close by just inland.
  3. They may have made a boat and tried to sail but sunk.

What do you think happened to the colony? Here’s a video with more information on Roanoke.


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9 thoughts on “The Lost Colony of Roanoke

  1. Dear Eve,
    This post is very good. I like that the Roanoke Colony is really a mystery. I learned a lot about Roanoke by this post. I think maybe the natives attacked them and then hid their bodies.

    • tyler says:

      Dear Eve,
      I found your post very interesting. I think the Roanoke split up and half went to live with the natives and half died of sickness. What do you think happened?

  2. Drew says:

    Dear Eve,
    I thought your blog post was amazing. it’s so cool how they come back to find everyone gone. My theory is they all drown in the ocean and their bodies drift away. What’s your theory?
    Sincerely, Drew

  3. Laine says:

    Dear Eve,
    Your post was very interesting. I think that the Roanoke people got sick and died because in your post it said that they were low on food. I think after they died the Indians tossed them into the ocean.
    From, Laine

  4. jake says:

    Dear Eve,
    Your post is very interesting Eve. I think it’s shocking that all the people had gone when John came back. What do you think happened to Roanoke and all the people?

  5. Dear Eve,
    Your blog post is great! But why they were only one clue to solve the mystery? If a mystery happened there they have to be two or more clues. If that mystery is solved it will be a great thing for American history.

  6. Dear Eve,
    You know me! I love history. I’m so glad you wrote about the lost colony. It’s fascinating. I think the colonist got sick and the ones that survived ended up living with the natives.
    Mrs. McKelvey

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