Intresting Trees

Rose Canyon has many plants but  I am going to tell you about three interesting trees in Rose Canyon. We have the  Sycamore Tree, Weeping Willow Tree (Willow Tree), and Coast Live Oak Tree in Rose Canyon. Now let’s learn about the height and structure of the three different trees.

California Sycamore Tree

California Sycamore Tree

Sycamore Trees has a lot of description and great facts. The fruit on the Sycamore Tree are called Achenes. You can tell that you are looking at a Sycamore Trees by their leaves. The leaves have fuzz on the bottom of the leaves. The leave color is olive green. Did you know that the Sycamore Tree is part of the plain tree family? Well it is. The tree can reach up to the height of 175 feet and 53 m. The tree can be found in the U.S from southern Main

Willow Trees leaves look very droopy when you look at it.  When the Willow Tree is compared to other trees their lifespan is shorter. Their height and width can be 35-50 feet.The fruit of the tree looks like a small brown capsule. It is half-inch long. Beautiful baskets are woven using the willow stems. Willow Trees have a short trunk. Willows usually grow near water. The Kumeyaay girls or women used the bark for skirts! Isn’t that fascinating.

Coast Live Oak Tree is a beautiful evergreen oak that grows nicely along S.E. coast of the U.S. it can also be seen in dry parts of Texas. It can grow to be 50 feet(15 meters) tall. It is the state tree of Georgia. Is a favorite tree for lawns and streets because it can resists damage from storms, bugs, and illness.

Those were interesting facts on the Sycamore, Weeping Willow, and The Coast Live Oak Tree. These trees can be found in Rose Canyon.  You can tell them apart by their looks and their leaves. You can learn more at Friends of Rose Canyon.

Photo Credit: By justefrain (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

My Talented Wonderful Family

My family is really talented and I am going to tell you about all the members my family.

My Dad- My dad makes the best food in the world. His meatballs pasta is the best. He used to play in a band. He played the drums in hi band. He used to be in the army until I was born. He is really funny. I am so thankful that I have him as dad.

My Mom- My mom is a therapist and I am so happy because I am sensitive an she helps me also and she is very smart. She likes to take us places during the holidays like she took me to Disneyland for Easter. I am so thankful that I have her as a mom.

My sister- She is really cute. She puts non outfits that no one can pull of. She looks so cute in then though. She is the younger sister in the family.She makes me giggle when she giggles. She and me Tap Dance together and we are doing a duet.

Me- I dance a lot and I am really talented. I love my family. My friends are really nice to me. My friends love fashion inducing me even my friend at school she loves fashion. I’m in Girl Scouts. I also like to have fun with my family.

I hope you enjoyed my post! What is your family like?


De Notenkraker

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Maurice via Compfight

I love dancing but my favorite type of dancing is ballet. Ballet can tell stories and show your emotions. For example Swan Lake is a sad story but with a happy ending. Swan Lake is about a princess named Odet and she gets turned into a Swan by an evil man, and at sunset she turns into herself. I am going to be Odet this year in Swan Lake.

In ballet you start with flat looking shoes and when you are about 10 you get point shoes. You always in Ballet start on the right foot. All the steps have a meanings. For example Padisha means step of the cat. Ballet makes you calm and it is really hard. But at the end you become very strong and you can be in plays like me.

In Ballet you dance to classical music. Ballet is really fun and you might be able to do it some day.

Kids have too much homework

Do kids have too much homework?

Kids should have less homework because a lot of kids are complaining that there is a lot of homework to be done and parents can’t make a lot of money to go places.

Kids have less time to bond with their family because kids need time to bond with their family. Like girls should have time to bond with their moms and boys with their dads to be a proper boy or girl. They should have time to go out to dinner even I don’t get out go out to dinner. They also should get to play

Kids are getting too much stress. My friend Zachary stays out of school.   He had a lot of homework to be done. He finished but it took at least 2 or 3 days. Even in 4th grade they complain to. I don’t think that is right and so there is a lot of stress I think all around the world and kids need a break because when they come to school the next day the will come to school they will be tired and won’t focus good in class.

Parents don’t make a lot of money because they have to stay home and do homework with their kid or kids like my mom. We need less homework so kids can have food in their house. They need nice home to live in. So if kids have less homework than they have less stress are more active and eat better and are much and heifer.

Kids miss a lot of stuff like parties, soccer games, and other stuff. They don’t get there because of too much homework. Even moms and dads miss work or conferences. Kids want to go to the park and they can’t because they have too much homework to do. Kids can’t do what they want to do and by the time they finish their homework they have to eat diner and go to bed and there will be no play time. Tha’ts why I think we should have less homework.