Claramae.jpgDear Future Owner,

Yo. My name is Claramae. I am 4 years old, am a Labrador, have dark fur, and I’ve been here trapped in this stupid kennel for 3 years! I want to go outside! Sorry just had to let that out. I am a female. A few things I love to do is go to the park and play with my peeps (aka my other dogs). If you haven’t noticed I am very energetic. I am a big barker and I am very sweet. But if you don’t adopt me there will be some problems.

 Here are some cool things about me…and yes there is a lot but here are just a couple. First of all I am very smart, like totally why wouldn’t I be. I can chase my tail, of course. and here is the amazing part. I can sit , shake, roll over, speak, and catch the treat. I know I am awesome you don’t have to tell me. Did I mention I am really smart?

I would love to have a family that has a ton of attention, on me. Because I am very energetic and I need to play,. I need to have a family with a ton of kids to play with, and a messy family so I can eat their food off the ground.  I also l-o-v-e love to snuggle. If you could find a family just like that for me, that would be great.

Please get me out of this kennel! They don’t have my food. I mean I am on a diet here. Da! So please adopt me. I mean who could say no to this face?

Obviously Your Future dog,


P.S. I am really adorable so adopt me, right now. Get in the car and hit the pedal.

Use Reusable Bags Instead!

Blue reusable shopping bag

Blue reusable shopping bag

“Plastic or Paper” says the checkout lady at the checkout line. You say “Plastic” Well, I say we should not use plastic bags. We should use reusable bags instead. Using reusable bags at the store is beneficial to the environment and  for three reasons. First,  reusable bags are better because they don’t hurt the environment. Next, there is more room in the reusable bags. Last, reusable bags never get ruined. Also, have you ever wondered how many plastic bags go to landfills each year in San Diego? Well get this 910,000 tons are found in landfills each year. Now do want use reusable bags. I’m telling you, using reusable bags are beneficial!

Reusable bags are better for the environment because when you use plastic bags they go to landfills they can’t decompose. If they can’t decompose they will stay there forever and they will keep multiplying more and more. When you use plastic bags you are hurting the environment by throwing all the plastic bags away,you are wasting plastic.When you use reusable bags you can use them over and over again and that is helping the environment. Using plastic bags is bad for the world because you can’t recycle plastic bags or use them again you just throw them away, and that is bad! Another reason is that plastic bags are toxic and reusable bags are not.

Reusable bags have more room so you should use them! Here’s why… When you use plastic bags there is not a lot of room so you have to use a lot, and I mean a lot. When you use reusable  bags you have more room so you only have to use 1 or 2. Isn’t that awesome? A plastic bag can only fit about 4 things but reusable bags can fit at least 10 things! Makes a difference right? Anyway, who wants to use those ugly plastic bags when you can get reusable bags in any color and any design.

 Think about it, if you use reusable bags they won’t ruined. They can’t rip or break.  You can also keep reusable bags. When you go to the grocery store and you have too many groceries sometimes the plastic bags rip and brake and all the groceries fall out but reusable bags won’t do that and you can keep using them. So what do you say, will you use reusable bags?

 If one person in the world uses reusable bags instead of plastic, that is making a difference. Using reusable bags will not go to landfills and that helps the environment. If you use reusable bags there will be less landfills and more grass and trees and plants. Most landfills are filled with plastic bags. So what do you say, will you get or buy a reusable and help the world?

A Curie Student’s Life

cropped-School-2i7jr0f.jpgHello! We are Curie Elementary students in San Diego, California. We are 4th graders and our teacher is Mrs McKelvey. We go to school 5 days a week–Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Our school starts at 7:45am and ends at 2:10 pm so our school goes on for 6 and a half hours, except on Wednesday because it is short day and ends at 12:15 pm.We have six grade levels in our school–from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Some of the subjects we do in our school day is Math, Word Study, Writing, Shared Reading, Social Studies, Science (we go to the classroom next door for that with Mrs.Monastero), and Book Clubs. Book Clubs is reading in groups we have jobs that we do like Story Summarizer you summarizer the story and there is a lot more.

Barn Owls

Everyone is Fond of Owls

Everyone is fond of owls.

You have probably been to Rose Canyon before, and if you have you probably have seen or heard about a Barn Owl. Barn owls are very interesting animals and I am going to tell you about what they look like, when they do not need their parents, what they eat, and where they live. But what is a Barn Owl you might ask? A barn owl is a type of owl that lives in canyons, such as Rose Canyon.

There are a lot of barn owls that live in Rose Canyon.  They live in very big nests so the whole family can nest including the young. They like to nest in very tall trees, such as an Oak Tree. The tall trees protect them from predators.

Have you ever wondered when owls don’t need their parents? Well, until the first born is 2 weeks old the female must constantly look over her chicks. The female can leave her chicks at home when they are all at least 2 weeks old to go hunting. The chicks can go hunting alone for their own food when they are 17 days old.

Most barn owls eat meat. Some of the meats they hunt and eat are mice, rats, moles, and other small animals. The male will hunt at night. Then he will bring the food back to his family.

Barn owls actually aren’t the only owls that live in Rose Canyon. There is also a type of owl called a Great Horned owl. So when ever you go to Rose Canyon make sure to look out for those owls!

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Brandon Warren via Compfight

Cleaning up San Diego

Welcome from San Diego! We are writing a post about the San Diego beaches and how dirty they can get. Pollution, including trash, is killing or hurting animals in the ocean. That’s why we need to help to clean it up!

Guess how much trash we find on the beach each year? Fifteen thousand pounds worth of trash! If people keep trashing our beaches, it will harm the environment and animals. The most common trash we find are cigarette buds. Can you believe that!  We don’t want trash to get into the ocean and hurt animals. We want our ocean and beaches clean. Don’t you agree?
We have lots of organizations that organize beach clean ups in San Diego. They organize these clean ups to make our beaches cleaner and safer. I Love a Clean San Diego is an organization that, “Provides environmental educational events and programs for local residents.” They are hosting the Creek to Bay Cleanup  Saturday, April 27th. Volunteers will remove trash from San Diego’s beaches, waterways, canyons, and parks. Here’s a video another event called Coastal Clean Up. So, what are you waiting for? Go and help the beach! It does not matter how old or how young you are. We do this for the people and animals at the beach. Kids have fun cleaning the beach. So come and help!!! 

Yeah for snow cone Fridays

Yummy snow cones!

Every Friday we should have snow cone Friday for just two dollars! It’s easy to make, snow cones are really tasty, and lots of kids will get really excited to have snow cones every Friday! Sisters, brothers, parents, and really anyone is invited.

Kids loves snow cones especially on hot days. We can also raise money for our school, like for P.E. equipment and school supplies. Our school will get more education with better school supplies. We can get more books and better computers. I think raising money for school is a great idea! It will be so fun when we have new school supplies.

Kids will get excited to go to school every Friday knowing they will get snow cones. Kids will  listen better so they won’t get in trouble because that way teachers will let them go get snow cones after school. So, kids will get out of bed and rush to school to get snow cones.

 Even though snow cones are sugary they can be healthy. We can put less high fruit corn syrup and we will have less sugar. We can use lots of vitamins and calcium. It is healthy, tasty, and kids are happy all at the same time.

All kids think it’s a great idea for having snow cones on Friday. The school is raising money, kids are excited, and it can be healthy all at the same time! If we had snow cones at our school I would get it every Friday and so would my friends! Do you think we should have snowcone Friday.