Shorter Receipts

This is the receipt for a pack of gum!

“Most receipts are really long!” I think in line as I see the lady in front of me getting a five foot long receipt. Help the world shorten receipts. Shorter receipts will make everyone happy. Fifteen percent of California’s trash is receipts. Shorter receipts mean less paper in dumps. And that’s awesome. If we use the back it will save a lot of paper.

Long receipts can do a lot of bad things. Receipts that are really long wastepaper wasting paper. Long receipts also waste ink. Did you know that about one cartridge a day. I went to CVS and got five things the receipts was like three feet long.

Not everything is useful on a receipts. Coupons are a waste if it is already in a book, (if you don’t know coupons are things that save you money). I saw the same phone number 3 times on a receipt. Lots of people think we need all that stuff but they really don’t.

People don’t like long receipts. I want to help people to be happy. When I go to Sprouts or another store and I see all of the junk on the back it makes me angry. (And that’s what I want to get across). Come with me and ask for no receipts. People Really long receipts waste a lot of paper.


Rose Canyon

Rose Canyon

Do you ever feel like escaping the city and getting back to nature? Well you can. We have a lovely open space right on our doorstep called Rose Canyon.  Last week we went to Rose Canyon for a field trip and let me tell you about Rose Canyon.

How big is Rose Canyon? Where is it? Rose Canyon is a seven acres of open space or park. It’s just west of La Jolla and interstate 5. few miles from Pacific Ocean. South of Sorrento Valley north of Bay Park. Rose Canyon  has a creek called “The Rose Canyon Creek”.  The creek is 30 miles.

There is a variety of animals in the Rose Canyon. Some of the animals in Rose Canyon are spiders, bugs, owls, ravens, hawks, birds, snakes, rats, wood rats, bees, and coyotes.

 What plants live in Rose Canyon? There is all different kinds of plants. Some are poison oak, dead trees, black sage, white sage, oaks, oak apple gall, willow trees, and wild cucumber. The animals that are in rose canyon love to eat the plants in Rose Canyon.

Rose Canyon is a family friendly place the animals have adapted to the surroundings. They’re plants, animals, and homes.



Too Many Toys

According to an article we read in Time for Kids, kids in the U.S.A. have too many toys and here is how I know.  The archaeologists of UCLA (stands for University of California, Los Angeles) found mountains of toys in most of the houses they looked at. Most of the toys are made in China.

So here are five ways to lower the amount of toys you have:

1. You can donate your toys to an orphanage.

2. Make a yard sale and sell all the toys that you never play with.

3. give some of your old toys to your cousins that are poor or give some to your friends.

4. Give them to Goodwill or Children’s Raid Hospital.

5. Give to a needy classroom. 

Do you have too many toys? What could you do with the toys you don’t play with?


Kumeyaay Indians Field Trip

Last month we learned a lot about the  Kumeyaay Indians, such as how they survived using natural resources, what they ate, what they did, what they wore, and where they lived.  We went on a field trip to the Kumeyaay Ipai Interpretative Center which is a museum. 

How did the Kumeyaays live? They survived by hunting for food and making their own tools, such as a rabbit stick, baskets, pots, bows and arrows, cloths, and toys for children.  They ate a lot of deer, nuts, seeds, and other types of animals. The Kumeyaay children liked to make their own toys and games to entertain themselves. The Kumeyaays boys ran around naked, while girls wore skirts and painted there face like parrots. They lived in giant e’waa or huts.

It was a very fun field trip and we leaned a lot. Here are some pictures from our field trip.

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

Alcohol is bad for you

Cosa NeraAlcohol can be bad for you in many ways. Your brain, heart, and many other parts of your body are changed with the alcohol. Next I will tell you how the body changes.

The alcohol affects the brain. The brain functions slower when you drink too much, as well as not being able to walk normal. Instead of talking you slur. It causes mixed messages to your brain, which will cause serious damage.

This is how it affects your heart and liver. The heart rate speeds up, and you get low blood pressure. You have a higher chance of having a stroke. The alcohol is processed in the liver.Over time it can cause a fatty liver (abundance of fat.)

Alcohol can change our behavior if we drink too much. When your behavior changes you either become tired, aggressive, and hyper. Also people do things that they would not do if you had not have drank that much, like giving everyone a hug or wanting to fight.

I feel alcohol is not worth the side effects that control your body. I don’t feel safe around people that drink a lot of alcohol. Now that I have told you about what it can do go help me make a difference.