The Miwok Tribes Arts & Crafts

Miwok Indian basket

Miwok baskets were beautiful and functional.

Imagine you are a Miwok women, sitting in a hut made of straw with a half woven basket.  The basket you are making is big and deep. It will be great for gathering . You have some grass next to you that you pick up and start weaving into the basket.  You weave and weave until your hands hurt. You have finished the basket. You start to decorate the basket with the shell beads you made yesterday. When you finish, it looks beautiful.


The Miwok Indians made many different crafts and beautiful things.  The Miwok would make many different kinds of baskets using the natural resources like grass. The Miwok made beautiful designs on the baskets like zig zags and butterflies. They also made shell beads that they would use as money, also jewelry, and to decorate baskets.The Miwok also made paint.  The Miwok would use chalk to make white, and charcoal to make black.

The Miwok were skilled basket makers.   The Miwok made a type of basket that wasn’t like a basket but it was a basket.  It had sticks tied together at the bottom so they would form a v shape.

At the top there was a big stick in the shape of  an o. This was tied to the top of the other sticks.  This basket was called a seed beater basket, and it was used to harvest seeds.

They even made a basket that went on their back.  There was a strap that went around their head and onto the basket.  The basket was a big deep one that could hold many things like a baby.

The crafts the Miwok made weren’t just to look pretty, they helped them with their everyday lives.  The baskets held the stuff they gathered. But some stuff was made to be pretty. Like with the shell beads,  they were used as jewelry and to decorate basket.

Using The Resources

The Miwok made very nice crafts considering they didn’t have a Michael’s store down the street.  They had to go out, and find the natural resources they were going to use. I know it would be hard to weave a basket from scratch, or make paint from chalk or charcoal.  Maybe even make a shell bead. Imagine trying to weave a basket. Imagine how much effort it would take to drill a hole through a shell just to make a single bead! These were the things the women of the Miwok tribe had to do in their everyday life. If  you like basket weaving, making shell beads, or making paint, than you might like to be a Miwok Indian.

Should Glitter Be Ban?

Glitter might look golden but it’s not.  Did you know that about 8 trillion microbeads enter the ocean daily!  Glitter is made of microbeads. Once the microbeads enter the ocean the sea life eats it. The sea life will no longer be able to live. Think about all that plastic in one fish.  And what about when we eat the fish. Its seems to me that glitter should be banned.

Micro plastics are small plastics that are found in glitter. Micro plastics go down the drain and get into the waterways and sea life eat it and die.  Did you know that glitter takes just as long to break down as a plastic water bottle and a Image result for glitter on handplastic water bottle takes 450 years to break down. Imagine that!  

Glitter should be banned from beauty products because it’s bad for your health. Glitter is in beauty products like eyeshadow and lipstick can get into your skin and that could be bad.  If your lipstick has glitter it might get into your mouth and you would have a bunch of glitter in your body! YUCK! I mean it’s like swallowing a bunch of plastic. Why would you want to do that?  If glitter isn’t going to be banned, then it should at least be banned from beauty products.

You might have thought that only food could be in the food chain, but I bet you didn’t know that glitter is in the food chain. Let’s start from from the start of the food chain.  Glitter goes down the drain and that goes into the ocean. When it gets into the ocean the fish can eat it. Then fishermen go to catch fish and the fish gets put into a grocery store with the plastic still in it!  Then we buy the fish and eat the fish. Now the glitter is in our body. It’s like eating a plastic water bottle! Disgusting!

In the end glitter should because it can harm everyone and everything.  It’s just not worth it. Some people think that by throwing glitter in the garbage it might stop it from getting into the ocean, but with one guest of wind it can blow out of the dump into the waterways, including the ocean.  You still might think that it looks so pretty sand it makes my lips sparkle, but it’s bad for your health. So the next time you think about buying that can of glitter, think again.

Swimming For Gold

Imagine you are in the Olympics  in a pool swimming an 800-meter freestyle. You touch the wall and poke your head up.  You realize that you’ve won the 800 hundred meter freestyle, and you set a world record.

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Swimming Life & Personal Life

Kathleen Genevieve Ledecky was born on March 17, 1997 in Washington D.C. She started competitive swimming at age six.  Her brother started swimming before her, and Ledecky followed him into the sport. She began to swim on a summer league swim team.  Her favorite stroke is freestyle just like mine. When 

Ledecky got older, she started to swim for a club team. That team is Nation’s Capital Swim club (NCAP).  She also swam for the team USA in 2012 and 2016 Olympics.


You might think that Katie Ledecky went to the Olympics and got medals, but she didn’t just get medals from the Olympics.  She also got medals from the World Championships and Pan Pacific Championships. In the Olympics, Ledecky won five gold and one silver medal.  In the World Championships, Ledecky has won fourteen gold and one silver medal. In the Pan Pacific Championships, Ledecky has won five gold medals.  That makes a total of twenty-four gold and two silver medals. Ledecky didn’t just win medals, she also set world records. She set records in the World Championships, National Championships, Pan Pacific Championships, TWST Senior Invitational, Arena Pro Swim Series, and Summer Olympics.


Katie is self-disciplined like another athlete.  She goes to bed at 9:30, and wakes up at dawn to start training.  She can be found spending her days in the water rather than on land. She quit the swim team at Stanford so she can train for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. Ledecky still attends classes as a student at Stanford University.

Katie Ledecky inspires me because I swim on a team and I want to go to the Olympics one day. I think that Ledecky is the girl version of  Michael Phelps. She has won many awards, and she still lives on today. I hope to see Katie at the 2020 Olympics. Go, Katie!!!