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Photo Credit: Will Marlow via Compfight Hi, this post is about dogs. Dogs can go almost anywhere as long as they’re owners are with them. Dogs are super smellers. They can smell better than humans and yes, cats. Sometimes they’re hired to sniff out drugs. No lie! Dogs can’t hear as much as cats but… Read more Dogs

Cute Cats

Do you love cats? Well, I love cats and that’s what this post is about. Cats have better hearing than people and dogs. They can hear a tiny mouse in the walls that you don’t even notice. Cats lick their selves to get clean. Cats only like to get wet if they decide too. Other… Read more Cute Cats

Save trees!

Did you ever notice we use a lot of things from trees?¬†Well, we do. We use wood to make pencils and houses. But those lumberjacks are forgetting why trees are important. For one thing animals like birds live in trees and you cut down their homes, lumberjacks! Secondly, if we cut down trees more carbon… Read more Save trees!