March 17

Caring For Baby Otters

Picture of an otter in a river.

An otter is a fast swimmer.

Otters are mammals that live in every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Otters have webbed feet and a flat tail to help them swim through the frigid water. Otters live in oceans, lakes, and rivers and are  found in the shallow waters of the Northern Pacific Ocean. Sea Otters have two layers of fur to protect them from the freezing water. Otherwise if they didn’t they would freeze. When baby otters are born, they can float in the water right away. However that’s not all the facts about baby otters. 

About Otters 

Otters are  both carnivores and mammals. The average mother otter usually gives birth to 1 to 2 pups. The pups’ mother will stay with her babies for 6 months until her pups develop their survival skills overtime. The mother otter cares for her pups so they will be ready when they venture on their own. In fact sea otters have been swimming in the sea for more than 5 to 23 million years ago. 

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is working to help save and preserve baby otters. They will most importantly use gloves and masks around the pup so the pup does not get used to people. Second of all they will feed the pup milk in exchange for its mother’s milk. Next they will move the pup into a big tank where they are taught by an adult otter. The adult otter will care for the pup and teach the pup survival skills to help them when they are released back into the wild. Once the pup is ready to go back into the wild, the aquarium staff will take the otter  in a boat and release it out into the ocean. The Monterey Bay aquarium wants to save and build the population of otters however it is not easy.

Mother Otters Care in the Wild

A mother otter will teach her pup different kinds of skills. For example swimming, walking, diving , rolling and hunting for themselves. The mother otter will keep her pup on her chest until her pup learns how to swim. A baby otter will usually learn how to swim four months after birth. A mother otter will wrap her pup in seaweed when she goes off to hunt so the pup will not float away. The pup’s mother feeds on crabs, snails, shrimp, squid, wood frogs, European fish, and rainbow trout. A mother otter and her babies’ will sleep in kelp beds in the ocean.

Baby sea otters are in trouble because their mother may sometimes get separated and the pup cannot survive because it needs its mother to live. Otters are predators meaning they help control the population of food species they prey upon. Not only are otters extremely important in our world, like all animals; they all surve a purpose in this world. Humans need to start to help save the population of otters.

Alexander Leisser, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons                                  

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January 13

Elephant Birds

I think everybody knows that the elephant birds are extinct. How did Elephant birds become extinct ? What were they like?

An extinct elephant bird.

The birds lived in Madagascar in Africa. Did you know that the elephant birds were the tallest birds? They were 3 meters tall and some even 4 meters. Elephant birds don’t fly. Elephant birds’ eggs were really big and strong. Some archaeologists could even stand and jump on the eggs and they didn’t crack and break them! The elephant birds become extinct because people were hunting them.

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August 13

Guinea Pigs

"Guinea Pig"

vantagepointfl / Pixabay

Do you want to own a guinea pig? If you are interested in owning one, here are some things to know.

First, you need a cage big enough for them to roam. You also need a bowl for food and a bottle for the water. Guinea pigs eat some human food like cabbage and lettuce. They mainly eat hay and guinea pig pellets. Some guinea pigs like a shelter or a mini house. They like to hide under this when they are scared. Loud noises and sudden movements scare them. When they are scared they also make loud squealing noises.

Next, make sure to build a friendship with your guinea pig. They are very smart animals and remember the sound of your voice. If you are able to get two they prefer to be with a friend than alone. They sometimes get lonely when alone. They like to be held and pet every day. There is a special carrier for guinea pigs when you want to hold them.

Last, their cages need to be cleaned every other day. This means that you need to change their wood shavings, water, and food. A fresh clean home would make a happy guinea pig.

I hope you learned a lot about guinea pigs!


Image credit:
No machine-readable author provided. EdNeave~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims). / CC BY-SA (

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January 14

Meet a Coywolf

The first-ever coywolf appeared in 1919 in Southern Ontario. The coywolf family is a mix of western coyotes and eastern wolves. They are all canid meaning that they are part of a dog family. An average coywolf can reach up to 5 feet in length and 35 to 45 pounds. Right now I will estimate that coywolves are about 10 to 20 pounds. What I will also say is that Coywolves have a thick coat that can be yellowish.

Coywolf pups

Coywolf pups Weight about 55pounds.Coywolves are up to times the size of regular coyotes, with bigger jaws and more muscle to match. Also, coywolves are a little bigger than coywolf pups. Coywolfs pups are born from mid-march to mid-may. Their eyes and ears close shut for ten days to two weeks. The pups can only drink their mom’s milk at that time. Before the pups are born the pack will make a den for the pups in large groups.

Video credit: YouTube

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January 13

Can Animals get Sunburned?

You might think animals can get sunburned, and yes they can but they also can’t. The reason why some of the animals can’t is because some animals use sunscreen–not Coppertone but other things found in nature. Elephants use mud for sunscreen and seals use sand for sunscreen.

An elephant covers itself in mud so it doesn’t get sunburned.

Some animals don’t need sunscreen because they can’t get sunburned. That doesn’t happen to all animals though. It only happens to the animals that have really thick skin like otters or whales. If animals don’t put their sunscreen on then they will get sunburned. lf it’s a really hot day, pigs  on a farm might roll in mud so they won’t get sunburned.

Some animals like dogs and cats don’t have any sunscreen so they can get sunburned really easily. Next time it’s sunny make sure your dog or cat isn’t in the sun because he could get sunburned.

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January 7

Strange Animals

Image result for mutated animals"

I’m going to tell you about some strange animals. The first thing I will tell you about are mutations. Some animals like goats can have six legs. Cats can sometimes have only one eye but they die almost immediately after being born.

Other things just look weird like the Blobfish. Some animals are bred like ligers or mules. Most animals that are bred are bred with animals in their own species. Animals need to have a lot in common to be bred together. Donkeys have a lot in common with horses and produce mules. So lions with tigers have a lot in common and make ligers. Dogs have many other creatures like them, such as wolves.

Last but not least there is photoshopped animals. It’s cool to see what people think look cool but sometimes people just like to make things look goofy that’s all I’m going to to tell you.

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January 7


Have you ever gone camping and saw a woodpecker drinking sap from a tree? Well, that bird is called a sapsucker, and they make holes in the tree to get the good thick sap coming out of the tree. If you thought that it would hurt the tree because of the holes, you are wrong.

A sapsucker bird.

Sapsuckers live in both conifer and hardwood forests. The very good thing is that they are not endangered animals as they have a big population. They live in Canada and eastern Alaska because as you know Canada has a lot of maple trees, so there is a lot of sap for them.

Sapsuckers are beautiful colors, they have a yellow tummy and a red head  and a grey back. They look like woodpeckers but they make a very different sound because they are more high pitched.

Sapsucker birds, some that you would have never guessed they are true: kingdom- Animalia tribe- dendropicini Genus- sphyrapicus. Now that you now more about sapsuckers maybe that next time that you go camping you won’t get mixed up with a woodpecker and a sapsucker!

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January 7

The Emu, a Very Large Bird

Do you want to know about a bird that is the second largest? It is called an “emu”. I will tell about their eggs.

An emu egg is much larger than a chicken egg.

An emu egg is almost like an ostrich egg. But its color is a beautiful teal color (sometimes darker in color). An emu egg can fit 12 chicken eggs. The egg’s size is 13 cm times 19 cm and weight between 450 and 650 g. An emu can lay 20 to 50 eggs in a season. One emu egg can make an omelet big enough to feed four to six adults. Roosting males lose up to a third of their body weight while making eggs. The male emu incubate the eggs for about seven weeks without drinking, feeding, defecating, or leaving the nest.

An adult emu and it chick.

Some other interesting facts about an emu is it’s a flightless bird. This means it cannot fly. Emu have puny wings. Puny wings make them flightless. Emu chicks are black and white and stripy. It’s like a zebra stripe. Emu has a pouch in its throat that it uses to make booming grunting sounds to communicate during mating season. Emus are the only birds that have calf muscles. Emus grow up to 2 m tall. 

 So this is the emus fact and emus egg.

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January 6

Unusual Animals

I am going to talk about animals. If you look at the title, then you’ll know they will be unusual. So the first one is the blobfish. It was elected for the ugliest animal in the world! Do you think it’s ugly? I think a little. It lives in deep water around southeastern Australia and Tasmania!

The unusual blobfish. It looks a little like a human face.

Next is the Aye-Aye. The Aye-Aye is a scary animal. At least I think it is. It lives in Madagascar and if you see him, RUN! Well that’s what I would do. It’s eyes are BIG and scary. It’s part of the lima family. It lives in trees.

The aye aye is one little scary creature!

Last but not least, is the Axolotls! Axolotls are easy to handle. They do not bite. They are not dangerous either. This thing is so cute I wish that they lived here in San Diego. But if you live in Mexico city your in luck because the Axolotls lives in the lake complex of Xochimilco (SO-chee-MILL-Koh) near Mexico City.

This cute axolotis looks like an alien.

Were you suprised these unusual animals are real? I hoped you enjoyed learning about these unusual animals! Check out the video below. It has ten more unusual animals.

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December 18

Extinct animals

Extinct animals are animals that are no longer living. Today I am going to tell you about two extinct animals–Megladons and Dodo birds.



Megalodons lived about 23 million years ago. They lived in the ocean around Australia. Megalodons where over 60 feet long and weight over 60 tons. One cool fact about megalodons is that they had over 276 teeth and 5 rows of them! Megalodons ate fish, whales, sea turtles and more. Boy am I glad that megalodons went extinct over 3.6 million years ago. I don’t want to be eaten up by one.

Dodo Birds

Dodo birds

Dodo birds lived on the island Mauritius they ate berries, fruit, nuts and rocks to help them grind up the food in their stomach. Dodo birds couldn’t fly they were three feet tall and were the color gray and white. Dodo birds went extinct in 1681 about 338 years ago because of Dutch sailors who sailed to the island and hunted dodos for food because they couldn’t fly and where not afraid of humans.

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December 18

Coywolf Pups

Coywolf pups are so cute, you may want to cuddle with them any time not just in the night. Their little faces, their little bodies, their pointy ears, and their long snout makes them so cute. Pups are small enough you can hold them from your wrist to your elbow. Pups are so light you could hold them with just one arm. Coywolves live all through Canada to Eastern North America.

When and Where They Were Born?

Coywolf pups are born from mid March to mid May. The pups can’t do much when they are born. The pups eyes and ears are sealed for ten days to two weeks. Pups can only drink their moms milk at that time. Before the pups are born the pack will make a den for the pups in large rocky and dense areas with lots of trees. Sometimes they will use the dens of other animals. Coywolves live all though Canada to Eastern North America. Pups first come out of their den at three months old but they will stay very close to their den.

What Are They Like?

When the pups are born their fur color is grayish blond and will stay like that until they are adults. When they are adults their fur will change to blondish black. Pups have little pointed ears that are super soft. Pups have little snouts with lots of whiskers. Pups have very little paws when they are born until they are adults. Pups have round brown eyes for their whole life. Pups have very soft fur that will keep them warm for their entire life.
Pups Height and Weight

When the pups are born they are less than a pound. At about three to four months they are four to five pounds. Pups are only three to five inches tall. When they are adults they are twenty to twenty five inches tall.

How Long They Live?

Coywolves live for four to seven years old. When pups are about two years old they can leave their parents to start a new pack or they can stay with their parents for the rest of their life.

So now you know how cute coywolf pups are.

Video credit:

Music by Peter Frankl (Debussy Preludes, Book II, Bruyeres)

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December 18

Dodo Birds An Extinct Animal

The Dodo bird has been extinct for hundreds of years.

Do you want to know an extinct called “dodo”?  Today I will tell you why they extinct.

Dodo birds once lived on the Island of Mauritius.  Dodo bird was a type of flightless bird. They had tiny wings with their fat body.They were usually three feet tall, and weighed about 29 to 51 Ibs. They were full of downy gray feather and a white plume foratail.

In1630s Dutch sailor colonized Mauritius.They found the Dodo bird was to easy to hunt. So they caught more and more dodo birds, and the dodo birds became less and less. The last Dodo bird died in 1681.

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December 18

Why do cats purr?

Why do cats purr? That’s a really good question. You probably think cats purr when they are happy but cats don’t always purr when they are happy but why? Let me tell a one reason why well the first reason is when a cat is sick or scared they will purr to calm themselves down. 

Gato busca hogarCreative Commons License Jose Antonio Moreno Cabezudo via Compfight

Why do kittens purr?

A kitten will purr when they are nursing to tell there mom that they are oak also when a kitten is nursing they will paw on their mother’s stomach to produce more milk. When a kitten is scared or stressed they will purr to calm themselves down or tell them that they are safe and they will purr to bond with their moms.

Why do adult cats purr?

In the wild a mother cat will purr but without  alerting any predators and when their cubs are messing around or play fitting they will purr to tell them to calm down. When a cat is sick, hurt dying will purr when they come back from a hunt but the will purr to comfort itself and tell itself that everything is going to be oak.                          

Did you like all of those facts about why cats purr? Well if you did let me tell you a theory of how cats purr. Some scientists think that purring comes from neural oscillator sells sells comes from the brain and the brain sends the sells to the voice box and the voice box shakes to make that purring sound.

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December 17

The World’s Largest Bird

A picture of a Elephant Bird.

Model of a Elephant Bird.

Elephant Birds are an extinct species that lived on the island of Madagascar. They were HUGE so big that your about 60% the size of this bird. They were 10 feet tall and weighed 1,000 pounds. This makes it the biggest bird to ever live and this odd and huge bird doesn’t stop being huge in other ways.

Elephant Bird Eggs

The Elephant Birds eggs were 150 times the size of a chicken egg. They were 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide these eggs are huge. Even though the eggs are huge they lay almost 150 eggs in there lifetime. If added up correctly that’s 150 feet tall if there all on top of each other and 120 feet wide if there all on a flat surface. These eggs also weighed a lot 22 pounds or 10 kilograms.

Elephant Bird Speed      

Not much is known about Elephant Birds speed but we know its about 20 mph or 35 kmph. That’s about the speed of a grown elephant.

These birds died off in the 17th century b.c from humans killing this HUGE bird.

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December 12

Stop Animal Extinction!

Did you know the number of animals that go extinct each year is almost fifty thousand? That is extremely high. The Iberian lynx is one of the animals that went extinct recently. It is a nocturnal cat that could run as fast as 50 miles an hour. The Sabertooth cat is another extinct animal. It has been extinct for millions of years. It had a powerful jaw and could bite through bones. All these animals and more would have been good to have in the world today.

Humans are the main reason animals are going extinct. Climate change makes about 15 thousand species go extinct per year. Habitat loss is also a problem for animals. When people cut down trees animals lose their homes and have no place to hide.  Poaching is another reason animals are going extinct. People hunt animals illegally for money. The animals get hunted so much they go extinct. People try to catch poachers to protect animals.

Humans are concerned about animals going extinct. They have looked for ways to bring back extinct animals. Some scientists found a way. They have tried to clone animals. To clone an animal you need to have a DNA sample of its blood. It needs to have been collected recently. You put the DNA into another animal’s developing baby. The baby would then be whichever animal’s DNA was in it. The pyrenean ibex is a type of Spanish ibex that went extinct in 19 years ago. Scientists have tried to bring them back. They cloned a pyrenean ibex and they succeeded. A pyrenean ibex was born again, although it died minutes after birth.

I think we should try to bring animals back into existence permanently. I also think we should stop making animals go extinct. What do you think?

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August 10

Should Exotic Animals Be Kept as Pets?

green anole lizard (12)Do you have a snake or a type of lizard? Well, those are exotic animals. Animals that should live in the wild. About 18,000,000 Americans have exotic animals and I think that should stop. Many animals should be in their own habitat. Today, I will tell you 3 reasons why exotic animals should not be pets.

To begin with, wild animals can die if they escape. Snakes and small exotic animals are mostly likely to escape. For instant, most animals need to be guided from their mothers. For example, baby birds need to learn how to fly from their mothers.

Second, wild animals can be very aggressive to humans and that can involve injuries to deaths. In 2005, a woman named Paris Hilton got a pet kinkajou, native from Central and South America, named Baby Luv. Soon, Baby Luv bit Hilton deeply enough for her to go to the hospital. Luckily, Hilton got better from her severe injury. Most wild animals are not used to be being next to humans.

Lastly, it is cruel to keep them as pets. First of all, they are not used to our climate conditions. Imagine being in a desert 130 degrees, or a very chilly place about 10 degrees! That’s what it kind of feels like for them. Also, most owners do not know how to train how their pets. Finally, pets end up suffering.

To restate my opinion, exotic animals should not be pets. It can be dangerous to us but more importantly, dangerous to them. Also, there are many other animals to adopt/own. Again, 18,000,000 Americans own exotic animals. That should stop. So if you are thinking to get some sort of lizard, make the right choice.

Creative Commons License patricia pierce via Compfight

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August 9

Kangaroos and their Joeys     

ItchesInstead of walking, you are hopping. Instead of hands, you have paws. Instead of smaller ears, you have big, furry ears. What kind of animal could this be? You guessed it, it’s a kangaroo!

Kangaroos are famous for their large, powerful hind legs that they use for hopping. They are the only large mammal that uses hopping for locomotion. Besides that, kangaroos have another fun fact. They are marsupials. Marsupials are a group of mammals that carry their young in their pouch. Kangaroos are very different from other animals.

The Dangerous Journey

The newborn called a joey looks totally helpless. Yet, it manages to make its way to the pouch without any help from its mother. What an amazing feat a tiny creature can do. Clinging to its mother’s fur Joey climbs slowly to its mother’s belly to reach the warmth and safety of the pouch. The  journey only takes a few minutes.

Life in the Pouch

Whenever a kangaroo is born, they go to their mother’s pouch. Safe in the pouch the joey clamps onto one of four teats that give life-giving milk. The teat swells to fill the mouth and works like an anchor, holding the baby firm so that the baby does not fall out as it’s mother hops around. Fed by the mother’s milk, the joey grows quickly. It’s eyes and ears open, it’s fur starts to grow, and it’s strong back legs develop. It starts to look more like a young kangaroo.  After a few months, the joey takes it’s first peep out of the pouch. Soon it will be able to venture into the outside world the second time.

Leaving the Pouch

 At the age of six months old, the red and gray kangaroos leave the pouch for the for the first time, as their mother’s tip them to the ground gently. Some kangaroos leave the pouch when they are eight months old and still suck milk for three to four months old. Others leave at eleven months and still suck the milk until they are eighteen months old. At first, the joey spends only a short amount of time on the ground before getting back into the pouch. The young animal moves awkwardly at first, but soon it learns how to hop on its hind legs like its mother. Their mother teaches them how to feed and take care of themselves.  

Kangaroos are very interesting and unique animals, not only because of their hopping, but also because of the way they reproduce. Besides carrying their babies in the pouch female kangaroos are considered to always be pregnant. When one baby is ready to leave the pouch a new one is ready to climb back in it. Isn’t it amazing!

Creative Commons License Soren Wolf via Compfight

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August 3

Wonderful Cockatiels

Are you looking for the perfect pet? I have one for you. It’s soft, it has a yellowish color and has bright orange cheeks. It’s not Pikachu, it’s a cockatiel! Cockatiels are the second most popular pet bird in the United States (after parrots). It’s not just because they are cute but because of the three C’s and those are easy to care for, cheap, and compatible for all ages.

It’s very easy to take care of cockatiels. Cockatiels can be left alone for a long time. This means if you are out of town for the weekend then you won’t have to get a pet sitter. They take care of themselves. They only need to get fed once every 2 to 3 days and their cage only needs to be cleaned once every 2 weeks. Another reason they are good pets is you won’t have to spend extra time walking them. They are happy exercising by themselves inside or out of their cage. Cockatiels like walking around inside the house, out of their cage while you pursue a quiet activity like studying or reading.

Another reason cockatiels are the perfect pet is because they are cheap. Of course buying one is about $100-$300 but after that, you will have nothing to worry about. The first reason is cockatiels get sick very rarely so you won’t have to pay for the vet often. Also, cockatiels don’t need check-ups or shots whin big bags last for a long time. Also, you won’t have to buy toys for them because they keep ich can be very expensive. Cockatiels do not eat much so the food which are cheap and come themselves entertained with anything around them. They don’t need toys to gnaw on to help their teeth (or beak) or climbing structures to be up high.

Whether you are 5 or 105, you will always love these nice animals called cockatiels. Cockatiels are smart so they are very easy to train. Kids will have fun teaching them do tricks. Kids would be amused seeing cockatiels learn simple tricks like stepping up and down and bow their head and some complicated tricks like somersaulting and saying their name. Also, cockatiels are quiet so if some families have babies who are afraid of loud noises then these birds are perfect for them. Cockatiels are also good for seniors especially if they live alone. They are good companions for them because they don’t need much attention but they can be there to keep them company.  Seniors will also like the cockatiel’s quiet qualities.

Still not convinced that cockatiels are the perfect pet? Well just ask the millions of people who own them today and they will change your mind. They will tell you about the three Cs and other reasons that make cockatiels the perfect pet.   

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June 7


Edinburgh Zoo Do you want to learn facts about Pandas and maybe even how to save them from extinction? If you read my article, I will tell you all about what they eat, where they live and even tell you the reasons why they are going extinct! This is all in my article so go ahead and read it I would love it if you did.

Pandas live in high in dense bamboo forests in the misty rainy mountains in Southwestern China.  Pandas also sometimes live in the Chinese Zoos with a big area to roam around in and with people that adore Pandas so much.  Pandas are originally from China. Pandas like to live in cool weather not hot or dry weather just cool climates.

Pandas eat bamboo as you all know, but they also enjoy honey, eggs, fish, fruit, and veggies like oranges, yams, and bananas.  They also eat leaves, stems, and shoots. The Giant Pandas eat up to 20-40 pounds of food a day then they poo 50 times a day because they eat so much food.

When baby Pandas are born they weigh three to five ounces like a stick of butter. They are pink in color, blind, hairless, cute, and harmless. Pandas are the smallest newborn mammals relative to their mother’s size. They stay with their mother until they are 2 years old then they can fend for themselves out in the forest.  

The reason Pandas are going extinct is that people are destroying the Panda’s habitat for development in China. There are only about 20 patches of forest in China left where the pandas can live. Pandas don’t have enough food to live in the forests. There are now only 1,114 Giant Pandas left alive in the world! Isn’t that horrible.

Pandas are going extinct.  Isn’t that sad? So many people adore pandas.  The world would be sad without pandas so we should come up with more ideas to help save the panda population.Like, give your loose change to Panda zoos because they also want to help save pandas.

Tuomo Lindfors via Compfight

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June 7

Panda Extinction

Thailand 2007 You are the panda bear munching on delicious bamboo straws. WOW! Look out your little baby panda bear almost got tackled by a snow leopard! This article is about panda extinction and a few other facts, do you think pandas are going to go extinct? You should definitely read this article because if you love pandas and just want to know every single bit about them then, read this article!

Giant pandas are becoming extinct because of extensive habitat loss and destruction by hunters. Habitat loss destroys bamboo, which is the giant panda’s natural food source.

Pandas have to eat a lot of bamboo. This is because they do not digest bamboo very well. Pandas can digest only about 17 percent of what they consume. Pandas have to eat a lot of it so they can get nutrients from it. The study notes that the bears evolved from omnivorous ancestors but likely began to specialize in bamboo-chomping 7 million years ago. But in that time, they haven’t evolved to become efficient at breaking down cellulose. As a result, the panda’s stomach and intestinal system are more similar to a carnivore than a vegetarian.       

Pandas became endangered on January 23 1984. Throughout many years, the lives of these Giant Pandas have been severely impacted by mainly habitat loss.

A pretty long time ago pandas lived in a large portion of China. Now they only live in a very tiny fraction of what used to be a big area. They live very close to Chang River and Huang River.

Usually, the characteristics of a panda are:

  • They Have “Cat-Like” Pupils For Seeing Well at Night.
  • Distinctively Black and White. Giant pandas have a distinctive appearance.
  • Their Paws Have Six “Fingers”!

To prevent pandas from going extinct people are donating money to panda societies. There are also panda clubs, and the new San Diego zoo is raising some pandas too! If you kill a panda you will be fined. New reproductive technologies that will help preserve sperm and egg DNA for future breeding.

The giant panda is a conservation reliant vulnerable species. A 2007 report showed 239 pandas living in captivity inside China and another 27 outside the country. In December 2014, 49 giant pandas lived in captivity outside China, living in 18 zoos in 13 different countries.

Some of the famous pandas that everyone knows about are:

  • Chi Chi                 
  • Tai Shan
  • Gao Gao
  • Hua Mei
  • Gu Gu
  • Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan
  • And a very special brown panda named Su Lin

Su Lin is a one of a kind brown panda, brown pandas are actually very rare like Su Lin. Here I’ll show you a picture

This is Su Lin



You know what a lot of pandas are born in the world i think it’s time to see how many pandas are born each year.

In 2017 a record 42 giant pandas were born at to breeding stations of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda On September 6, 2006, 9-year-old giant panda Lun Lun gave birth to a cub. According to Zoo Atlanta, which hosts Lun Lun and her mate Yang Yang, this was only the fifth cub born in the United States since 1990. Since four United States zoos host breeding pairs of pandas, this number might seem a little low.

If you want to help take care of pandas then you should tell people to start to care for pandas. You can tell the government to stop cutting down bamboo because that’s where pandas live and eat.

Patrik M. Loeff via Compfight

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