Dye Hair, Dye

On January 24, ninth-grader Tim Jenkins walked into his school in Gulfport, Mississippi, with a new look. He had dyed his hair hot pink. Tim was suspended that day for breaking the school district’s dress code. The policy requires students’ hair to be “clean, neat, and a natural-looking color.” Tim wasn’t allowed to return to… Read more Dye Hair, Dye

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Claude Monet

Claude Monet is very famous for his style of art. He had a very sketchy type of style that people didn’t really like at first but later loved. Claude was born in 1840, in Paris, France. Later in 1845, he and his family moved to Le Havre. Claude didn’t enjoy school, but he loved sketching… Read more Claude Monet

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Modern Art Sculptures

You’ll never guess what these sculptures are made from? We created these unique sculptures using wood, a wire coat hanger, a stocking, white liquid glue, and acrylic paint. First we fashioned a shape with the coat hanger, creating lots of twists and turns. We were careful not to limit our creativity and just “went with it”. After that we covered the coat hanger with a regular ladies stocking, pulling the stocking tightly around the wood, and tying it . Once we did this the sculpture really took shape. We then painted a couple of coats of watered down liquid glue and let the sculpture dry over night. Next, we imagined! What would our sculptures be? A fish? A whale’s tail? An octopus? We let our imaginations run wild. Finally, we painted our sculptures to create these one of a kind sculptures. What do you see? Do you see the creature or creation in each sculpture? Want to try this yourself? Then check out these instructions for a Wire-Stocking Sculpture.

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