Last school year, some schools in the U.S., started a new recess program. Each day, teachers set up organized activity stations. Students can choose from games like soccer, volleyball, and four-square. This type of program, called a structured recess, is used by thousands of schools across the United States.  Why can’t we just get… Read more FREE PLAY!

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Top 5 Rarest Pokemon On Pokemon Go

Today on this blog post, Dolan and I will be writing about the top 5 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go! Number 5 The fifth rarest pokemon is Porygon. Porygon is in the  Virtual category. Type: normal. Porygons weakness is fighting. Porygon can evolve to Porygon2. Number 4 Alakazam’s ability is Inner Focus and Synchronize.  The weaknesses… Read more Top 5 Rarest Pokemon On Pokemon Go

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