May 9

The Lego Book


Image result for Lego brickIt’s a Saturday morning and you race downstairs to see the box of Legos you’ve wanted to start on for days and you finally get to build it! You rip open the box, take out the instructions, pour the Legos out of the bag and onto the floor and you start building a big Lego spaceship! As you build, you stop to wonder: What is a Lego? Who came up with the idea of making Legos? How are Legos made?

Ole Kirk was the person who came up with the idea. In 1957, his idea became real. The reason why Ole Kirk came up with the idea was because in 1932 his wife died and he was left to raise his four children alone. He started to think about making toys that his four sons would love. First, he started making wooden toys like ducks, vehicles, and cats. Then, he started making plastic toys like cars, trucks, and binding bricks. Binding bricks are an early design of what we know are Legos today. Binding blocks have slits on each of the shorter sides and Legos don’t.

If you were wondering what is a Lego, it’s a building block that has studs on the top and tubes on the bottom and can be built and arranged into anything imaginable. You can use two eight-studed bricks in twenty four ways, three eight-studed bricks 1,060 different ways, six eight-studed bricks 915,103,765 ways, and with eight eight-studed bricks there are endless combinations. There ten Lego features that define a Lego but 3 of them I think are the most important. The first, is unlimited play potential. I think this feature is important because you couldn’t play soccer all day long, but you can with Legos. The second, is year round play. I think this is an important feature because you couldn’t play soccer all year round but you can with Legos. The last feature is development, imagination, and creativity. I think the final feature is important because you’re learning how to follow instructions and when you build things on your own your using your imagination.

Did you know that today, the Lego factory makes about 4 million bricks an hour? There are 16 steps in making Legos. Legos start their life as little plastic granulates or plastic rice grains. They are melted between 446 degrees F and 590 degrees F. Then, they pour the melted plastic into molds. The bricks travel on a conveyor belt into a crate and to a truck that ships the crates to the packing, assembling, and decorating department. The assembly machines attach the arms to hands and tires to wheels and so on. Printing machines add faces to heads. The packing department send bags of elements or Legos and books into boxes. Finally the boxes get packed and are shipped to stores.


I hope you learned some interesting facts about Legos. I even have experience with Legos. I have a whole tub of Legos. I think Legos are fun to play with, are for girls and boys, and fun for every age. I think Ole Kirk wants you to get a tub of Legos so you can have some fun and build huge creations like big spaceships, cars, trucks, other vehicles, and lots more.


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May 7

Is playing video games a good option?

Image result for video games kids playingThink about it–is playing video games the best option that you have when you have spare time? In my opinion, it isn’t the best choice for you to do in your spare time. I rather read, draw, or write other than sitting in front of a screen and getting addicted to this video game. First of all, you have better things to do other than playing video games, second of all you can get really annoyed when playing video games, and finally, you take advantage.

First of all, you have better things to do other than playing video games all day. You have many other options to do other than playing video games all day. You can go ride your bike around your neighborhood, you can even read a book outside. If you did not know, video games can get you very depressed. Have you ever realized when you play a video game it makes you very intense? To most people, it does and they can get really mad and “act” frustrated. Video games can take advantage us. They can make you play on them forever and ever.

So, next time you have some spare time ditch the video games and go outside!


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May 2



Last school year, some schools in the U.S., started a new recess program. Each day, teachers set up organized activity stations. Students can choose from games like soccer, volleyball, and four-square. This type of program, called a structured recess, is used by thousands of schools across the United States.  Why can’t we just get to do what we want?

At my school, recess is free time. Of course, teachers are around to make sure everyone behaves. But we can play whatever we want. After sitting in classes all morning, students need a break so we’ll be refreshed and ready to learn in the afternoon.

Plus, sometimes you just want to hang out with friends at recess. We have P.E. class to make sure we get enough exercise. Recess should be a time without so many rules so we can actually do something without being controlled.

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April 12

Game Show host, Scott Rogowsky

I am talking about Scott aka Scott Rogowsky. He is a game show host for HQ Live. HQ is an app on your phone you can buy. In HQ you answer 12 questions and you have 10 seconds to answer them. If you answer them all right you win money. Usually, the prize is $2500 dollars but they changed it to $5000 dollars. HQ is a live game show on your phone, pretty much. Your chances of winning are very slim because there are usually 1 million and a half players.Image result for hq host scott If you do win, you split the prize with other people that won. But you will get very little money or a lot of money depending on how hard are the questions are. Like my mom won but there were 330 other winners because so many people won so she only won $15 dollars. The most money ever won was 25k! The most money ever played was $250 thousand dollars. Early in Scott’s career, he did not want to be an HQ host, he wanted to be a professional baseball player. He liked making people laugh in high school so he did drama in school to make people laugh. Also, he wanted to be a comedian, too.

Scott got to be the HQ host because his old colleague at The Onion kept in contact with him on Facebook. His friend Gallo was the HQ director. He tried out to be the HQ host but he had no idea how famous he was going to become. Then he got the part! He performs twice a day on the app. The reason he wanted to be the HQ host is that he thought it would fit his personality of being funny and it did. In my opinion, Scott is very funny. He always is telling jokes live, that’s why I think he is funny.

Also, he has very good humor and always makes me laugh. He is very good at his job and has nice suits. Scott stands out above the rest because he has a great personality and he is very famous. Scott is very smart, has very good jokes and he is very funny.

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May 8

The Last Great Race

Iditarod 2017 frostnip907 via Compfight

There are few things harder than scaling Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest mountain1. One of these things is completing the Iditarod. Read on to find out more about this daring sport.

You’re probably asking, “What is Iditarod?” It’s known as the Last Great Race on Earth2 and unlike other sports, it goes on for several days instead of a few hours. The team is made up of a driver called musher who gives commands to a group of 10-18 sled dogs.  Teams must travel 1,049 miles with checkpoints along the way from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. In addition to the length of the race, the weather is rough over the challenging terrain which includes snow, mountains and narrow gorges. Even with all these obstacles, people still want to win the race for the top prize: up to $70,000 and a new pickup truck.

Next, let’s go into how the sport originated. Joe Redington founded the Iditarod race in 1973. Because of this, he was nicknamed The Founding Father of Iditarod. Joe Redington founded the race to remind people about the importance of sled dogs in Alaska3. Sled dogs were used for transportation, daily work, and they helped Eskimo Scouts patrol the state. When snowmachines and snowmobiles were invented, people used sled dogs less and less.  Joe Redington hoped the race would bring attention to the sled dogs and reminds people that they are strong, intelligent and can hold many occupations.

Now, let’s go through some fun facts about Iditarod. Iditarod comes from an Ingalik word for a local river, Haiditarod, which means distant place. In the history of the race, the longest one took more than 32 straight days by John Shultz. If the snow melts, the race can have a different starting line or trails. The only dogs allowed to participate are Huskies and malamutes. This rule was created after John Suter allowed his poodles to participate in the competition. Not all dogs are allowed to race because their fur or hair may not be able to handle the cold weather.  Besides the cold weather, another danger for the teams is moose. They have attacked some of the teams in previous races.4

Now that you know more about Iditarod, are you ready to give it a try? Over 1,000 miles, extremely cold weather and long days are not good enough? I bet $70,000, a new pickup truck and twelve super cute huskies as part of your team will change your mind.


1The Great Alone. Greg Kohs, Alkemy-X, 2015, documentary.

2 Iditarod Trail Committee,, 2017.

3 Freedman, Lew, 2017.

4 Mcpherson, Angie, , 2014.

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March 20

Supersonic Transit System

Not long ago, billionaire Elon Musk had a vision of the future. He dreamed of a supersonic transit system. Soon after, he released a 57-page document on a concept called Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a huge supersonic transit system that travels in between cities filled with traffic. The sponsor of Tesla motors and SpaceX dreamed of a friction-less, low-pressure, vacuum-sealed pod. Powered with energy from solar panels, it should be able to withstand major natural disasters. Elon believed this pod would shorten travel times drastically. For example, the distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles takes 6 hours. This pod could get there in 35 minutes.

Continue reading

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March 17

Wonder Woman

Sensation Comics #11 (1942) cover by H. G. Peter Tom Simpson via Compfight

What feminine character has all the strength of Superman plus all the attraction of a good and beautiful woman? If you guessed Wonder Woman, you are right. Wonder Woman was one of the first superheroes to be a female. She was loyal, caring and a good hero of Earth.The Amazons taught her the skills of a warrior as well as the lessons of love and peace. Princess Diana, better known as Wonder Woman, was a new kind of superhero, who would win not with fist or firepower, but with love. In this report, I will introduce you to Wonder Woman, tell you about her mission, her powers and how she got created. Listen close or she, Wonder Woman, will get you!

Wonder Woman was created in December 1941 by William Moulton-Marston. She is Princess Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, Princess of Amazons. She is one of the Earth’s most powerful defenders of peace and equality and a member of the Justice League. Wonder Woman became a frontrunner for the suffragettes who fought for the rights of women in the early 20th century.

Sculpted from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta and given life by Athena. It is told, that her father is Zeus. Named Princess Diana of Themyscira, Diana was raised by her mother and aunts on Themyscira, an island of Amazonian women. The Amazonian women taught her all her skills that combined with her superhuman powers that were gifted to her by the Greek Gods.

Wonder Woman had superhuman powers and more. Wonder Woman’s powers are strength, speed, durability and longevity. The Amazonian training helped her in skills of strategy, hunting, and combat. You may know what strength and speed mean, but do you know what durability and longevity mean? It means to last long or live long. Wonder Woman could live a very long time. Wonder Woman had flight too! Flight means the ability to fly at fast speeds. She was skilled in hand to hand combat and could handle weapons. Wonder Woman had a Lasso of Truth. It possessed strength and was unbreakable most of the time. When truth is challenged it can break. Wonder Woman had indestructible bracelets.The bracelets could absorb the impact of incoming danger. She had a sword and shield to protect her in combat.

Wonder Woman’s mission was to go to man’s world on a mission of diplomacy and peace to make things right. Princess Diana, Wonder Woman, acted as a strong moral guide and role model for females. Wonder Woman was an activist for justice. She became a founding member of the original Justice League of America. She saved people.

What did you learn about Wonder Woman you didn’t know? We’ve learned a lot more than you think. We learned when and how she was created. When the creator was thinking about the story, his wife said to him “fine, but make her a woman”. We learned about her superhuman powers and her mission.We found out about all her special weapons she used while fighting for the good. What amazes me about Wonder Woman is that she had longevity. A fun fact to know is that this June 2017, a new Wonder Woman is going to be in the movie theaters. I can’t wait, can you?

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January 29

NASA Makes Pumpkins

Photo Credit: NASA/JPL (via Flickr)

I read a great article on Dogo News about how NASA scientists carved pumpkins. That was the challenge posed to the excellent scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA in 2010 during Halloween. This interesting competition has turned into an annual tradition with partners trying to outdo each other with sky-high hi-tech carvings.

Photo Credit: NASA JPL (via Flickr)

This year’s entries included a Pac-Man pumpkin, a replica of Darth Vader’s meditation chamber, a carousel, a Ninja Starshade, and even a sink hole pumpkin. While the creations are certainly quite strange, what is even more so, is that the engineers-turned-artists had just an hour to complete their masterpieces!

And now, watch this epic video. Continue reading

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January 19

Vote For Tackle Football!

Kids-56952 1280.jpgHow many kids in the USA play tackle football? 1,088,158 and that’s a lot, but now people are going to take that away. Do you think tackle football for youths should be banned? A lot of people think this but I wrote this essay to convince people that tackle football is safe to play.

Imagine it, the fourth quarter, you’re down by seven and there’s five seconds left. You’re the wide receiver for your team and the ball goes to you! The opposing team comes to tackle you and you’re scared out of your mind! You’re running like crazy and then you hear the crowd chanting touchdown! Touchdown! It’s the greatest moment of your life! Youth football haters, do you want to take this moment away from kids? If you’re still not convinced here are some reasons that tackle football is safe.

Just to be safe, youth leagues like Pop Warner are taking it to the next level. My first reason is Pop warner will ban kickoffs because prevent major injuries. This will satisfy a lot of youth tackle football haters. The youth league coaches are teaching their players how to tackle properly so it makes less injuries. Now tackles will be a lot safer.“Youth football is safer now than it’s ever been” says Jon Butler, the head coach of Pop Warner.  

Also,kids are getting the proper gear to play tackle football so the hits don’t hurt as much. In order to play,They are required to wear the following: Helmet, chest plate,and backplate. The helmet provides head protection so you won’t get a concussion or brain injury if you get injured. The chest plate prevents you from breaking your ribs or collar bone. The back plate prevents you from breaking your spine a.k.a backbone.

The opposing side does not favor tackle football. They want to take those awesome fumbles and tackles away. Worst of all, they want to replace this sport with the dreaded flag football. I think that flag football is basically a spin off of the sport Rugby and that spin offs aren’t very good. This is why I chose tackle over flag.

I think tackle football for youths should be allowed and I think you should to. If you follow these rules about tackle football, next time you play I assure you that you will be a whole lot safer., CC0, Link

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January 13

Top 5 Rarest Pokemon On Pokemon Go

Today on this blog post, Dolan and I will be writing about the top 5 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

Number 5

The fifth rarest pokemon is Porygon. Porygon is in the  Virtual category. Type: normal. Porygons weakness is fighting. Porygon can evolve to Porygon2.

Number 4

Alakazam’s ability is Inner Focus and Synchronize.  The weaknesses are Dark, Bug, and  Ghost. It Evolves from Kadabra. It’s Ability (hidden) Magic Guard.  

Number 3

The Dragonite is the 3rd rarest Pokemon in the game it is one of the most powerful pokemon in the game. It is a flying type. It’s weakness is ice,dragon,fairy and rock. It evolves from dragonir

Number 2

The 2nd rarest is chansey. It is very hard to get. It’s Category is an Egg. It’s type is normal. It’s ability is  Serene Grace and Natural Cure. It’s weakness is fighting. It evolves from  Happiny. It evolves to  Blissey.

Number 1

Gyarados is the rarest pokemon in pokemon go= (see picture below). Its weakness is rock and electric. It’s ability is water,and flying. It evolves from a magikarp.

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May 16

Star Stable Update

By Cheyenne

Yesterday Star Stable realest a new horse, its a Welsh Pony! This pony will be own by you only if you are friends with Hermit, i know, i know, BUT you have to have 790 star coins so buy them at Star Stable Online. The Welsh pony is like your jorvik pony’s but smaller, SO CUTE. BUY THEM TODAY IN SOUTH HOOF! Tell me what you name them in the comments! And maybe you will see me on SSO on the cupcake Sever! NEW WELSH PONY


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May 16

20% Time / Curopoly

For our 20Time project we are making a board game called Curopoly. Curopoly is a mixture of a game called Monopoly and Sorry. It is about our school, Marie Curie Elementary. The object of the game is to be the last one with Curie bucks left. There are classrooms for rent and go to detention spaces.


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May 1

Star Stable

Star Stable

SSO ( Star Stable)

By Cheyenne

Star Stable Online is a game for only girls, but includes HORSES!!!! There are so much breeds like Shires or Morgans all of them you name it!

When you start it takes a while to download, when it is done downloading you get to make your own character and name it with the names they have. You can also name and choose and color for you own first horse! It is slow at first but you can get more gear for your horse and character. WARNING: only free until  level 5 . You can get  star rider to continue more quests.

Now to the cool part! If you want more star coins for new horses you can buy them on their site Star Stable Their really cool!  

Star Stable loves new players. So go to their website today and make an account.

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