Special Events

Special events like field trips

Dye Hair, Dye

On January 24, ninth-grader Tim Jenkins walked into his school in Gulfport, Mississippi, with a new look. He had dyed his hair hot pink. Tim was suspended that day for breaking the school district’s dress code. The policy requires students’ hair to be “clean, neat, and a natural-looking color.” Tim wasn’t allowed to return to… Read more Dye Hair, Dye

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Compassion It! The power to change our world

By Maya Compassion it is a very important social movement. Compassion is a organization where they want everyone to be compassionate to one another. Compassionate is now a verb. So what that means is that now compassioning it is one of our actions. Recently Sara Schairer came to Curie Elementary and talked to two our 4th… Read more Compassion It! The power to change our world

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  Hanukkah is a holiday celebrated in late November or in early December. The story that goes with this holiday has many versions. The versions only differ because they say the miracle happened at different times; before the battle, during the battle, or after the battle. One tale is that after the Jews (the people… Read more Hanukkah

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Ask for Water, Give Hope and Change Christmas!

Did you know over nearly 1 thousand kids and families in Africa don’t get clean water? Well, the Water Project has a yearly Christmas program that is trying to fund 25 projects from Thanksgiving to December 25th,and we want to help. We want to raise $350 dollars so a few people can drink clean water… Read more Ask for Water, Give Hope and Change Christmas!

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