January 17

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Hello my name is Karen McKelvey and I am a 3rd grade teacher at Curie Elementary School in San Diego, California. I began teaching at Curie Elementary in 2002.  I feel fortunate to be part of such a great community. I love blogging with my students as it provides them with an authentic audience for their work.

Collaborative group work and project-based learning are key components of my classroom. I completed my Masters degree in Educational Technology from San Diego State University in 2010. Many of the concepts/pedagogy and technologies I learned about in this program, like learning management systems, Google tools, and blogs are implemented in my classroom. Technology plays a key role in the learning that occurs in our classroom. We don’t learn about technology, we learn with technology. Students are engaged in activities that incorporate writing, research skills, critical and creative thinking skills, and much more on a daily basis.

My students have participated in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge many times. I love the experience. For ten weeks students were engaged in activities that incorporated writing, research skills, critical and creative thinking skills, and much more.

This is an educational website and all images are used under the “fair use” rights of images. We try to give credit where we can.

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5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Gerald Schiller

    Great, great blog. And thank Jake for referring to my book,
    “The Dog That Belonged to No One,” in his piece about Bum.
    It is definitely one of my best-
    sellers. My best regards to all the great writers whose work
    is included in Bloggin Frogs.

  2. Silvana Moscoso

    Hi Karen,
    I am the librarian at Santa Cruz Cooperative School (Bolivia – South America) in the process of setting up a Book Club blog for international schools. I am new at this and having a hard time making it happen…
    I just visited your blog as working on the steps to Set Up Your Blog and really liked the set up and the layout of it. I wanted to ask you some questions. How did you post Class blogs and the links to these other classes? (I could do that for the different schools participating) Are these pages or posts?
    Hope you have some time to help me, thank you in advance.
    Silvana Moscoso

    1. Mrs. McKelvey (Post author)

      I followed the “Help” menu items in Edublogs. They walk you through the steps to setting up your blog. The Class Blogs are added as a widget on a side bar of my “Posts” page. There are static pages too where I put info that doesn’t change.

  3. Jessica Jundef

    Dear Karen,

    Hi. My name is Jessica Jundef and I am a technology teacher for grades K-8 in New Jersey. I am currently using your blog with my class in order to practice writing quality comments. I am hoping that your students can respond to our comments so that they can start a conversation.


    Best Regards,

    1. Mrs. McKelvey (Post author)

      Dear Jessica,
      We are so flattered that you are visiting our class blog and making comments. I will certainly work with my class on responding to the comments. We really appreciate the feedback. My class could use some practice writing comments too!


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