Biography Glogster Reports

In February, students studied the genre biography. We all chose different people to read about and then we presented what we’d learned either in a Glogster report, PowerPoint report, or a puppet presentation. Check out Gayle’s, Helen Keller and Kyle’s, Martin Luther King Jr. Glogster projects.

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Our Thoughts on Chocolate Fever

Who doesn’t like chocolate? So far two of our Book Club groups have read Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel-Smith. In this book, Henry Green is a boy who loves chocolate. It doesn’t matter what kind. He likes it all–bitter, sweet, dark, light. He eats it every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. One day Henry finds that strange things are happening to him. He has a unique case chocolate fever. And that’s not the end of it…but you’ll have to read the book to find out.

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Geometry in Our World

This month we wrapped up a unit on geometry. Students wandered around campus and took photos of real world examples of geometric shapes, lines, and forms. We started a new VoiceThread called “Geometry in Our World” and students are commenting on what geometric shapes, forms, and lines they see in each picture.

Here’s some of the pictures students took. What can you see?

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

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Attack of the Chocolate Sickness

Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith is about a boy named Henry Greens, Mac the candy delivery guy, Mr. Fargo the doctor, and Mr. Sugarcane. Henry Greens is a boy who couldn’t get enough chocolate he ate chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner he ate so much chocolate he got this disease that was called Chocolate Fever that looks like brown spots that smell like chocolate. For him to be cured he must learn a very important lesson. So if you’re looking for a hilarious, action packed book this is the book for you!

I personally think that this book is hilarious because it has so many hilarious parts that made me laugh. It was funny when Henry Greens ran away in his underwear from the  hospital. I thought it was so funny because Henry was running down the street in his under pants and getting chased by the police, Doctor Fargo, and the nurses. I think the most important events in this story are when Henry gets chocolate fever, hijacked, chased and more. The theme of the book is that you should never have too much of something you love. When Henry eats way too much chocolate and gets chocolate fever, he realizes he should not have so much chocolate or he will get it again.

By Tyler


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The Story of Rosa Parks

My name is Rosa Parks, and I am famous because I stood up for civil rights. Some call me the mother of civil rights movement. Back then people were segregated by skin color everywhere– in hotels, restaurants, schools, and playgrounds too.

I was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4, 1913. My mother was a teacher in Spring Hill. It was too far to walk to each day. So she stayed there all week and just saw us on the weekends.

I grew up on a farm in Montgomery. There once was a boy who threatened to hit me and I threatened to throw a brick at him. I could not defend myself because if I did I would probably get beaten because he was white. I thought I should be able to. To think people didn’t have the right to defend themselves was wrong–anyone should have that right.

I once moved to a new school and this time I moved with a new teacher that was white! It was my first time being taught by a white person. Her name was Miss White.

The worst thing that happened when I was little was when the Ku Klux Klan came. The Klan was a group of people who burned down houses and churches, and beat up and killed African Americans. The Klan also punished whites who treated African Americans fairly. They mostly came because they hated Miss White because she treated the children fairly and because segregation was supposed to keep white teachers for white children, and colored teachers for colored children. The Klan hated people of different races working together. They would never accept these people helping one another. Before I went there the Klan burned Miss White’s school down twice.

In 1929 I was in eleventh grade, I had to leave school to take care for my sick grandmother. Three years later I married Raymond Parks, who was a barber. Raymond helped me go back to school. I graduated from high school in 1934.

At that time no blacks could vote either. I tried once but I got no answer! So I tried again and this time I got an answer. The lady said I didn’t pass, I asked why but she didn’t say anything and at that time they didn’t need to give you an answer. So I tried again and I passed and I could vote any time I wanted!

When I was older I got arrested for not giving up my seat to a white man on the bus. The law said that African Americans had to give up their seat if there was a white person standing and go sit in the back of the bus. I didn’t think that  was fair and so I didn’t move. People started to get angry, so we walked instead of riding the buses or taxis in protest. The bus company lost a lot of money!

After that I began working for civil rights. I joined the NAACP club, and after a while we finally got our way and the buss laws were changed, but there was still segregation.

After that I lost my job, so I moved to Detroit. For a while I had to take in sewing to earn a living. But I did not stop working for everyone’s equal rights. In 1965, I began working for Congressman John Conyers who was a civil rights leader. In 1987 I founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development, which helps young black people. Now I’m much happier that everyone gets their equal rights! I’m sure everyone is happy that the NAACP club and I changed the law, because now we can go to different places with different people! It was a sad day when my life ended on October 24, 2005.

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Is too much chocolate a bad thing?

Chocolate Fever is a book that was written by Robert Kimmel Smith and if you’re looking for a good book to read, Chocolate Fever is the book for you! The main characters are Henry, Dr. Fargo, Mac, and Mr. Sugar Cane and this book is about a boy named Henry that gets this disease called Chocolate Fever because he eats chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I like the part when Henry goes to the hospital and Doctor Fargo says he’s a walking candy bar! I like this part because it is silly. The important part of this story is when Henry runs away from the hospital and runs into a school, because he doesn’t want to be in the hospital any more.

Henry learns that you can’t have too much of a good thing or it will turn bad. He did have too much of a good thing and he had a lot of trouble. He was sick with Chocolate Fever and he didn’t know how to cure it. So you can’t have your favorite thing all the time.

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The Attack of Chocolate Fever!

I’m writing a book review on Chocolate Fever. This book was written by Robert Kimmel Smith. The book Chocolate Fever is about a boy named Henry Green. Henry is a boy that is a chocolate lover that almost eats chocolate every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! He gets a disease called Chocolate Fever that is almost impossible to cure at the hospital! He runs away from the hospital because he doesn’t want to be prodded with needles. Now how will Henry cure Chocolate Fever? Find out by reading this book.

My favorite part is when Mac and Henry get hijacked by two gangsters called Lefty and Louie. This part was a little odd. I like this part because Lefty smells a chocolate bar. I figured out it was Henry that smelt like a chocolate bar. This part is important because they are getting robbed. One of the important events is when Henry gets Chocolate Fever. When he goes to the hospital, they can’t cure him. He runs away. He gets in a car with a stranger named Mac. They get hijacked by two robbers Lefty and Louie.

Henry learns that you can’t have too much of something you love. When he eats too much chocolate he starts getting chocolate pocks everywhere. The problem Henry faces is that he can’t find out how to cure chocolate fever. So remember you can’t have too much of something you love!

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Runaway Ralph a Book Review

Runaway Ralph is a book by Beverly Cleary. The main characters are Ralph S. Mouse, Chum the hamster, Garf the boy, Sam the watch dog, and Catso the camp cat.  This story is about a mouse that has a motorcycle that runs away looking adventure.

My favorite part is when Catso tries to get Ralph because Catso knocked a lot of stuff down. Catso lets Ralph escape and then tries to kill him. Catso knows that Ralph is alive.

The biggest problem Ralph faced is running away because there are a lot of things in the world. The world is very big Ralph is very small. There is lots of danger for Ralph.  I think Ralph learns not to runaway and it is very scary.

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Judy Moody gets famous

In the begging, Judy Moody saw Jessica finch wearing a tiara because she won the spelling bee and she Judy Moody wanted to be famous. Next, Then Stink, Frank Pearl, Rocky, and Judy wanted to centipede and Judy accidently stepped on Frank’s pinky finger and broke it. Then, Judy, Rocky and stink took Frank to the hospital. After that, Judy and stink went through two red doors that led them into the magic play room where they met girl named Lara. In the end, Judy Moody donated the dolls and became a super hero and got her picture in the paper. She Judy Moody was finally famous.

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Runaway Ralph book review

Runaway Ralph is by Beverly Cleary it is about a mouse that has a taste for adventure. The main characters are Ralph S. Mouse, Chum, Garf, and Catso.

My favorite part is when Ralph got home because it was sweet. He learned his lesson and got to his family.

The lesson in this book is don’t runway if you’re mad. You might end up like Ralph—trapped in cage and almost killed. I think Ralph’s family was sad when he left. This book is really good. You should read it!

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Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express book review

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express is a great book by Megan McDonald. The main characters are Stink, Sophie, Webster and Mrs. Birdwhistle. There are many more different characters but I should not give them away. The story is about Sophie, Webster, and Stink finding 101 guinea pigs and trying to adopt them to people. Will they find homes for all 101 guinea pigs?

My favorite part is when Astro tiptoed across a laptop and e-mailed a kid’s dad’s boss because it made me laugh out loud. A kid came and bought five guinea pigs and came back to give them back because the guinea pigs did bad things. They ate jelly beans and pooped in a shoe.

The problem in the story is for kids to try and adopt the one hundred and one guinea pigs to people. In the end, Sophie, Webster and Stink end up adopting some guinea pigs to other people. The lesson they learned is it’s better to use teamwork than not. The kids worked together to get all the guinea pigs homes. The decided how to get people to adopt the guinea pigs. They think of a plan  to decorate a van an   nd call it squeals on wheels.

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Runaway Ralph Book Review

This book, Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary is a story about a mouse that runs away from his house and gets trapped in a butterfly net. The main characters are Ralph, his friends Garfield and chum and Catso his enemy.

My favorite part was when Ralph asked old Matt to carry him down the stairs. Old Matt said no and went inside so Ralph had to go as fast as he could go so he wouldn’t fall off the railing. When Ralph got down he got stuck in a bush. I liked that part because I didn’t imagine Ralph getting stuck in a bush, and I liked the illustrations of him stuck in a bush. I liked this part because I didn’t imagine him getting stuck in a bush, and I liked the illustrations of him getting stuck in a bush.

The main problem was that Ralph didn’t want to share his motorcycle with his family. Ralph ranaway from home and regretted it and learned to share and not to be greedy.

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Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express

I’m doing a book review on Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express by Megan McDonald.  The characters in this story are Stink, Sophie, and Webster. They are trying to find new places for 101 guinea pigs. I like this story because it his hilarious. There are a lot of parts that made me tell the hilarious parts to people.

The Main Characters are Stink, Webster, Sophie, and Mrs. Bird Whistle. My favorite part is when Astro and 4 guinea pigs underwear’s from stinks closet. Settings are at the Squeals on the Wheels, Fur ’n fangs pet shop, and Stinks neighborhood.

The problem is that all 101 guinea pigs need homes. The most important events are when they need to find 3 guinea pigs in the backyard, when they take the guinea pigs too the pet shop; all the guinea pigs were running free and wild. They try to round them up, but they need to find homes for all 101 guinea pigs, and to make a van to hit the road and find homes for the guinea pigs as many as possible. The lesson Stink learned was that it was hard to be responsible and to be responsible to find homes for any pet or a guinea pig.

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Runaway Ralph Book Review

Runaway Ralph

Runaway Ralph

In Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary there is a mouse called Ralph that had a dream that he would have a big adventure. The adventure was not the kind Ralph expected. It started with Ralph at his home. He loved riding his motorcycle that he got from a boy. He loved it but his mom did not let him ride it if he did not share it with his brothers, sisters, and cousins.

So he ran away and got trapped by a boy named Garf. He met a hamster named Chum. Chum and Ralph became very good friends. This was the best book ever. It had lots of action like when Catso broke into Ralph’s room. It was also astonishing like when Ralph’s cage broke by hitting the floor from Catso’s push.

The problem in Runaway Ralph is when Ralph gets hit off a table from Catso. The lesson is sharing is good not bad and don’t run away from your home. I hope Ralph doesn’t run away again.

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Meet Alexander Graham Bell

My name is Alexander Graham Bell. You can all me Alec. I was born on March 3, 1847. I am famous because I invented the telephone.

I was interested in science and music at an early age. In college, I learned more about the speech and the vibrations of sound.  After college, I was a teacher of deaf students. One of my students was Marbel Hubbard.  Mabel lost her hearing at age 4.  Years later, I married her.

I had a lot of good ideas but I could not build them, so I asked Thomas Watson to help me on my inventions.  The harmonic telegraph was my first project.  We worked many late nights.  I worked upstairs, while Mr. Watson worked downstairs.  One evening, I spilled acid on myself.  The acid burned.  I screamed to Mr. Watson forgetting that he was far away to hear me.  Mr. Watson heard me over the wires and he ran into the room and said, “I heard every word!”  I danced and cheered and forgetting all about the burn.  We spent the night talking on our machine.  The date was March 10, 1876.

I went on to invent many other things.  I died on August 2, 1922 at age 75 years.

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Meet the Famous Albert Einstein

Hi! I am Albert Einstein I was the smartest person alive!  I changed people’s thoughts of relativity and made some inventions like the TV. I was born on March 14, 1879 in Germany. My parents freaked out because I was so quiet and shy. I didn’t speak until I was 5 years old. Then one day my father came in from work with a gift for me. It was a compass. I loved it. I had so many questions like, “Why did the needle all ways point north?” I asked him that. He told me the needle all ways pointed north is because the world is a giant magnet. I thought that was pretty hard to believe because it would be very weird that we live on a giant magnet.

Then I grew up I went to high school. I hated it. We had to act like soldiers. My Parents moved to Italy but they still wanted me to go to school in Germany but I didn’t want to so I moved to Italy I love the people and the school, it’s so much better than the high school in Germany. I know what I wanted to do as a job. I wanted to be a physics teacher but I didn’t get the job so I worked at the patent office.

Then as I got older the Germans hated me, they wanted to kill me then   World War 1 started. It started right before I wanted to get the pictures to show that space bent but some scientists had to go to Russia but that is where the war is.  They still went, so Scientists got their gear ready for the trip. The whole world wanted to know if I was right on the theory of space bending unfortunately the Russians destroyed the equipment and took the scientists. I wanted to do it again, this time we did it in different parts of the world, the scientists got the photos and I was right. Then World War 2 started, this time Germany joined forces with China, that’s because china was trying to make a destructive bomb called the atomic bomb. I had to do something so I wrote a note to the President of the United States on how to make an atomic bomb. They started straight away! “I did one wrong thing in my life that turned my whole world upside down, when I sent that note to President Roosevelt”. That’s when I started writing a will.  When I was in the hospital I wrote some physics problems and then I died. Everyone followed my will, it said take my brain and give it to the science university and burn me and put my ashes in a secret place.

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Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express, A Book Review

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express by Megan McDonald is about Stink, Sophie, and Webster trying to find new homes for one hundred and one guinea pigs…but how. They think of a great idea to decorate the Squeals on Wheels van and go to different places so people can adopt the guinea pigs. Will they find homes for one hundred and one guinea pigs on the road? You can find out in Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express.

My favorite part is when one of the guinea pigs named Astro goes into Stink’s closet and ends up wearing his underwear. Astro starts running across the room. I loved this part so much because Stink chases the moving underwear. Then four other guinea pigs escape and run into Stink’s closet too. It was so funny I had to laugh out loud. Stink’s parents don’t know he has five guinea pigs hid under his bed including Astro. Stink realizes that if five are hard to take care of then one hundred and one will be even harder.

At the end of the story Stink learns that it is a big responsibility to have a pet because you have to feed it and clean its cage.  You don’t just do it whenever you want. You have to do it every day. To find out more read Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express.

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Meet Tom Brady

My Tom Brady Puppet

My Tom Brady Puppet

Tom Brady is my name and I was born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California. I was named after my father. My parents are named Galynn and Tom Brady. I was known as Tom Brady Jr. As a kid I liked sports a lot. I was on a baseball team when I was about eight years old. I was the best player on the team. But one day I decided it was just not the right sport for me. Then, I started to like football.

If I wasn’t watching football I was playing football with my dad. I have three older sisters. Their names are Maureen, Julie and Nancy. My wish was to become a quarterback. My favorite player when I was a kid was a quarterback. His name was Joe Montana. He was on the San Francisco 49ers. When I went to high school I turned down playing baseball for good. I went to the University of Michigan for college. I made it to the team but I was the third string quarterback. The first year I didn’t play much and I wanted to play more because I was better than the second string quarterback. One day the first string quarterback got hurt. The next game the second string quarterback got hurt and then I was in as the third string quarterback.

I led my team to many wins and barely any losses. I beat some of the best teams in college football. I became the first string quarterback in the first month I played. I was named MVP of the team. I led my team to many awards. We won most of them and lost one or two.

The names of the tournaments were the Orange Bowl and the Citrus Bowl. I was their most valuable player but I had to graduate, because I wanted to go Pro. I was part of the 2000 NFL (National Football League) draft. I was not the first person chosen. I was number 199. I was drafted by the New England Patriots. My coach didn’t think I was all that good. But then when he put me in the practices he realized what a great player I was. In that year 2000, Drew Bledsoe was the first string quarterback. I was one of the many backup quarterbacks.

I half to admit Drew Bledsoe was very good. He was better than me at first. But then throughout the years I went to the gym a lot. I practiced at the park and I went to my real practices with my team. Soon, I became Drew Bledsoe’s number one backup quarterback for the New England Patriots. When I was moved up all the way to number one backup quarterback for the New England Patriots, my dad was so happy he jumped up and down and came to my very next game with a huge banner saying “Go Tom Brady”.

Then in the year 2001 the starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe was very badly hurt in a game. So then it was finally time for me to go in to the game. That season the New England Patriots didn’t make it to the playoffs. But in 2002, the next season, my team made it to the playoffs.

Then the next game we beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and went to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is where the two best teams that make it to the playoffs face each other.  The Super Bowl was on February 3. My team played the St. Louis Rams. Most people thought my team was going to lose. But it would be a very close game. They were right about the very close game part. But with 5 seconds left in the game, our kicker scored the winning field goal.

The next years that I went to the Super Bowl were 2004, 2005 and 2008. In 2004, I was named Super Bowl MVP. My team and I won the Super Bowl in 2004 and 2005.This year 2011, I lost to the New York Jets in the playoffs. But I’m ready for next season. I always say to myself, “At first you don’t succeed, try again next time because practice makes perfect”.

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