September 18

Oh So Fab Me Collages

We just love the series called Judy Moody. And I bet you do too. When Judy Moody’s teacher, Mr. Todd, assigns a project he calls a “Me Collage,” in the first Judy Moody book,  Judy thinks it sounds fun (even though she won’t say so.) Mr. Todd tells his students to make a collage that is “all about them.” So this month just like Judy Moody our class made our very own Me Collages by cutting out pictures or drawing pictures and pasting them onto a collage. Each student was given the mission to show what makes him or her unique and special. We spotlighted our favorite things, including sports, foods, hobbies, and told about our family and friends. It was a fun project and you can see from our slideshow just how fab our Me Collages turned out.

We also thought this was a great way to introduce ourselves to the Edublogs Challenge classes. What makes you unique and special? Introduce yourself to our class.



September 15

Where we live

Welcome to our class blog. We live in The United States of America in San Diego, California. We live in a large city on the west coast closest to the Pacific Ocean. Our weather is great here and so we get a lot of sunshine. We have a lot of beaches. We don’t ever get snow because it’s far too warm. The last time we ever had snow was about 52 years ago. That’s a long time ago huh!

Our school is located in a community called University City or UC for short. It’s called that because we are really close to a big university. There are mostly houses in our community, a couple grocery stores, and few  restaurants including a Mexican place, an Italian place, and a sushi place. We also have a frozen yogurt store…which we LOVE!

Our school is a pretty small school. We have about 600 students in our school. We have six grade levels from kindergarten through fifth grade. Many of the students live either in UC or close by in another community called Clairemont.

Check out the slideshow we made.

How is our community like yours? How is your community different?


Mrs. McKelvey’s Class