December 2

Bring Back Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is full of sugar.

Schools banned chocolate milk because it has too much sugar and makes students less healthy. Too much sugar can cause diabetes and it can cause kids to be overweight. I think we should have chocolate milk at school lunches because chocolate milk still has protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins. I think some kids that don’t drink milk would mostly choose chocolate milk over plain milk . Chocolate milk gives kids vitamins and minerals.

There are many great reasons to bring back chocolate milk.Chocolate milk also tastes good. More kids would drink milk again if chocolate milk was on the menu.   Kids mostly would prefer chocolate milk than plain milk because it’s sweet and cold.                                                                                                                                                                Kids would benefit from bringing chocolate milk back to school lunches.  Kids will pick chocolate milk because it’s sweet and has sugar that doesn’t mean we should ban it. It has some vitamins,potassium,and calcium. Experts say that chocolate milk should be banned cause it has too much sugar. I think they are wrong because chocolate milk does contain healthy stuff and that is why we should bring back chocolate milk.

Attribution: By Sugar Bear (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons