January 17

Air Pollution Hurts

Shanghai Puxi Skyline

foggy air pollution

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Imagine This You’re walking to school in China and there’s just smoke everywhere and you actually have to wear a mask to school so you don’t breath in the bad air,you can’t even see anything theres so much air pollution. Disgusting. In fact, about 2 million people die of air pollution a year! We need to stop air pollution. Air pollution is bad for your health, it damages our property, and causes acid rain.


people in china wearing masks, so they dont breath in the air pollution.

people in china wearing masks, so they dont breath in the air pollution.

Air pollution is bad for your health and can  even give you diseases. Air pollution can make you sick. It causes cancer and EVEN death. About two million people die from air pollution each year and in fact in 2012,  seven million died from air pollution! If you are around air pollution it will make your nose and eyes burn. Air pollution makes it hard to breath and that’s why people in China often wear masks. China is the most unhealthy country in the world and makes the most air pollution after the United States which is second.

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Air pollution causes acid rain. Acid rain is caused when the  chemical reaction happens between sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides meet and these 2 chemicals are in air pollution. Acid rain makes it hard to breath and causes health issues. If you breath in acid rain/drink/eat it can cause permanent lung damage. Acid rain is actually what causes to damage a lot of our properties.


Air pollution damages are community including plants, buildings,and animals. Air pollution damages buildings and how is because of the acid rain that air pollution creates and you will learn more about that later.  Air pollution also damages rivers and lakes. Air pollution also kills animals. It also damages crops,plants,etc.



But, still without factories theres a lot of things we couldn’t make or without the cars that cause air pollution we wouldn’t have a very good way of transportation. But yet if we don’t end air pollution soon it could destroy our earth! Air pollution causes health issues, destroys are property, causes acid rain, and will kill our earth!

October 8

Science is Number 1!

20141008-101406.jpgWe really like science because we are like real scientists. Right now in our science lab we are learning about landforms. We are learning about mountains, canyons, plateaus, dunes, valleys, meanders, plains, floodplains, beaches, and deltas. We have papers that say the landforms and gives the definition of it. I have never heard of some of these landforms.

Today in science lab we learned about acid rain and what it does. We needed to wear safety goggles because we were handling liquids. We needed safety goggles during our experiment because vinegar is an acid and it can burn your skin. We had to share them because we are a class of 34 students. We have filled a big cup with water and filled it up halfway. Next, we took syringes and extracted the water and put it into a smaller cup. We all took turns. We put 25 ML of water and then we put in 5 ML of vinegar in another cup. This was very fun to do.

What will happen when we mix the water and the vinegar? We thought it would bubble. It did but not a lot. We added a rock to the mixture and it smoke a little more. The rock dissolved a tiny bit.

We talked about acid rain. Did you know that it breaks down rocks that’s called erosion? It takes one day for the rocks to go through the process of erosion.

If you want to try this yourself, here is the recipe for doing this experiment:

1. This is the strong one: 20 ML of vinegar and 5 ML of water and add in a rock

2. This is the weak one: 5 ML of vinegar and 20 ML of water and add in a rock

Remember, if you try this at home you need to wear safety goggles.