December 11

Kind Coins for Kenya

Did you ever want to help other people weren’t as fortunate as you? Well this is your chance. Now the great kindness challenge has started a fundraiser called Kind Coins for Kenya. Their goal is to collect enough money to build a new school in Kenya, Africa. To find out more watch the video or go to www.TheGreatKindnessChallenge.Org.

In the video it shows a girl named Magi. She lives in a small village in an even smaller home. She lives with two brothers her parents and another girl named Lucy who is an orphan. She wakes up very early to go to school but the school she goes to is small and they don’t have very good materials. Some kids in Kenya even walk for hours just to get to school. Magi and her family are lucky to have food but many people don’t. Even though Magi doesn’t have all the stuff that you probably have and she doesn’t have all the opportunities that you have she is grateful for what she has and she has fun. Magi wants to do well in school so she can be a nurse when she grows up. We should try and give her a chance to do that. She is only one of the many people that could benefit from this program.

It isn’t that hard. I know many people who have lots of loose change. If you thought about it I bet you could think of lots of people too. Whenever your parents go to the store and get extra change all you need to do is tell them about this program and ask for the change. I’ll even bet that some people will even be willing to give you double or even triple that amount if you tell them it will be going to be used to help other people that aren’t as fortunate. This is an easy thing to do and all you need to do is try. So get going and collect some change.



January 17

We Need More Wells in Africa

Access to clean water is a problem in Africa.

In Africa, 748 million people are living with either no water or disease filled water. What if you had to walk miles to find clean water? The water in Africa is scarce so we need to build wells near villages.

In Africa dirty water can carry diseases so if we build wells there they will have clean water close to them. The disease filled water has a chance of killing you. The dirty water causes diarrhea and this is the second most killer of kids under 5 years of age. You can get E Coli, Salmonella Typhi, Schistosoma, Cholera Vibrios, and Hepatitis A. Dirty water can cause all of those diseases.

Female children usually never get an education. Access to water is very difficult because it can be located miles and miles from the family’s village, most of the time it’s in very deep holes. The holes can be dark. Sometimes women have to bring string and a pot, they will tie the string to the pot, drop it down in the hole and bring up the water. Then they carry the 5 gallons of water on their head and bring it back to their village to keep themselves alive and their family alive. Woman and female children can’t go to school because all day they’re getting water.   Building wells will improve education for girls because they’ll actually be able to go to school.

Building wells in Africa will solve all of these problems and save a lot of peoples lives. We need to build wells but we need your help. There are people and companies that help these causes like the Thirst Project. So you can help by donating or helping this organization.