November 14

Buy alternative cars

the Tesla has landed

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Compfigh

Alternative cars are cool with all these gadgets and stuff but do you know why they are good for the earth? They don’t use gas! Gas costs money and is harmful to us. They don’t harm the Earth’s environment so they will be better for the planet. Fuel efficient cars are better for the environment and will be the future cars.

I have seen a lot of cool cars but the coolest one I’ve seen is the new Tesla Roadster at the mall because it is fuel efficiency.This means this car does not use gas this is good because is doesn’t bring out harmful gases.Regular cars bring out harmful gases and if this keeps on our species are going to be extinct! Harmful gases are in the air that are dangerous to us and we can die because of them.

These cars don’t need gas so you pay no money for gas but you still have to charge the car. Sometimes cars use regenerative braking.This means the car charges itself when you brake so you don’t have to charge the car and the car charges itself.

So how can harmful gases harm us? When cars bring out harmful gases  they go into the air and make a hole of ozone.Ozone is something that keeps the suns harmful rays away from us. This is called global warming. The suns harmful rays melt ice and heat up the planet just like Venus.

Alternative cars are the future of cars and more alternative cars are being produced. If people use them more there will be less global warming.. So remember  that alternative cars are better, don’t use gas and are the future of cars.