May 20

House Wrens

The Voice

Male wrens sing to attract females.

Have you ever heard of a house wren? Well they are  very interesting birds. They are not like any other bird.  They are a small singing bird they live in  Rose Canyon. Keep reading and you will find out what the house wren sounds like, what they look like, what they eat, and their mating system.

The house wren is a few different colors such as light brown on the back cream the chest and a little red in their feathers. They have a small pointed sharp beak. They weigh about 15 ounces (oz) and their wingspan is about 5 inches, that is about the size of a small pencil.  They have tons of feathers all over. There are different kinds  wrens they a ll look smiler but the details are different and some are different colors then other wrens.

The house wren  mostly eats small berries, insects, leaves from trees nearby, and other things in nature . The male house wren will usually get the food and bring it back to his family.They live in Rose Canyon witch is good for them because there are tons of insects all over for them to eat.Kind of like food to go

When the male house wren sings a song it means he wants a family and a wife.  House wrens have a high pitch song so the female can hear them.  Their song is very relaxing too. I think it sounds like water bouncing off rocks. They only sing their song when they are ready for a female to come to his nest it has built–which means his nest is full of  twigs, and sticks and leaves .

The house wren has a very interesting mating system. The male house wren finds a home then puts sticks and twigs inside. Then he sings a song and the female comes because she hears the song. After that the females lays eggs, and they have baby birds. For a while the parents will stay with their babies. The male will get the food for the babies. Last, the parents fly away when the babies are grown up.

The house wren is a very smart  bird. They know exactly what to do–how to build a nest, how to sing songs, and how to raise their babies. The house wren is very unique and different. They are friends of rose canyon  and all the other things in nature. I hope I get to see the house wren again in Rose Canyon.

Photo Credit: Andy Morffew via Compfight