January 22

Ban Plastic Bags

Plastic Water Bottles Mountain Ice Hunger Takes Flight KFB May 20, 20107
Photo Credit: Steven Depolo via Compfight

People over the word are using plastic bags….Plastic is convenient but is it worth it? Plastic should be banned! When plastic starts decomposing it releases toxic gases,wastes natural resources that could be used for something else,and millions of animals die from it.

Plastic pollutes and is bad for your health

When plastic starts decomposing it releases toxic gases that are harmful to people,animals,and the environment,it is bad for plants,and pollutes a lot. Sometimes the plastic gets loose and goes to the ocean where it pollutes and kills animals. Some people even get cancer and other diseases from the gases released by plastic! If you eat a fish that eat plastic you might get parasites,besides who knows where the plastic has been any way,the toilet,the sewers?

Plastic kills animals

Did you know that an average family kills about 100 to 200 animals and more? When animals eat plastic, plastic makes the animal suffer a long  painful death. Animals like plankton-eating birds,whales,and some fish have a tough time telling plastic apart from its food. Did you know that the word makes 288 million tons of plastic each year and only 1% of the plastic is found in the sea,and that 100,000 animals die each year.

Plastic wastes natural resources and is unfair!

Making plastic wastes natural resources that could be used for something else and why bother making something that harms others and yourself.Did you know that an average family uses 60 and more plastic bags in 4 trips to the store and that 12 million barrels of oil is required to make plastic.


Using reusable bags can spread diseases. But that’s not a problem, you can wash them out every now and then and label the bags ,if you use one for meat you can label it only for meat.Therefore, plastic should be banned.