September 10

Are kids eating too much sugar?

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Parents today are letting kids eat too much sugar. I think kids should have less sugar. First for doing chores parents are used to giving kids candy as a reward. Kids are literally addicted to eating sweets. I have been asking my friends about what chips and dips are good, Then the conversation ends with “yeah donut oreos are really good”. Kids are eating way too much sugar and that is REALLY unhealthy. I am used to my pantry being filled with chips ahoy and reeses and other unhealthy foods. I am used to me asking my friends, “Hey do you like celery” and they say, “Ewww no I like cookies”.             

Whenever I am at a restaurant my little brother always asks, “Can I get soda?” I ask that too and I regret that because it is unhealthy for my teeth. And it is because i am used to my parents giving me those kinds of foods and drinks. Kids need to eat healthier. Kids should only have at least 24 grams of sugar a day, one serving of Captain crunch has half that. Captain crunch is supposed to be a healthy kids breakfast cereal and giving kids half the amount they are supposed to have in one day is extremely unhealthy.

Our parents were used to eating healthy as kids. So why shouldn’t kids today? Kids need to have less sugar. Kids are getting more and more obese today because they are eating more sugar then they are supposed to have. I have always heard my dad telling stories of his grandma making him fried okra and salads. And my friends are telling me stories of how their mom puts oreos and snickers in their chocolate cake flavored milkshake. My dad always says “The better it tastes, The worse it is for you, The worse it tastes the better it is for you.” I agree with him

Kids need to eat less sugar if they want to stay healthier and live longer, Sure sugar is addictive but kids need to resist.

May 7

Homework should be banned

Ever wonder why most teachers give you homework and for some kids lots of it? Because they think it is good for the “average kid’s brain” Well that may be so for some people but I will prove those people wrong. 

First of all, it takes too long to do homework. Kids need social time and time to be active, Kids have sports and homework just gets in the way. Kids stay up too late doing homework and are tired in class, Meaning they don’t finish the work in class making it homework, Then the kid stays up late doing homework and the cycle goes on and on and on and it gets harder and harder.

Most Important of all, homework stresses kids- Kids are always so happy to get home and flop on the couch…until their mom says, “Do your homework sweetie!” And that ruins everything, Especially knowing it will happen again tomorrow. And kids spend several hours at school a day and only have two days of break, But sometimes kids do weekend homework. Kids give up sometimes if they have parents who don’t help them with their homework, Then they will have trouble getting the answer.

Also, kids already spend many hours a day at school- most school students spend at least 6 hours a day at school 7:00 to 2:00 in Alabama, South Dakota, Louisiana and Texas kids spend about 7 hours a day at school. Where is the time for sports? Exactly. There is time but kids need to RUSH right after they get home from school. Then when they get home from sports, Mom says “ Hurry and do your homework before dinner!” The solution, GET RID OF HOMEWORK. Imagine having about 15 pages of homework each night and then sports, How hard would that be? This is how homework is unhealthy mentally and physically for kids. In conclusion, homework should be banned.

April 24

How to be a good dog owner

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Do you have a dog? Do you want to be a good owner to it? Well, I do. Start with giving it its own space to roam around in, Dogs need freedom! Feed it healthy foods and feed it twice a day, You don’t want an overweight dog, Do you? Walk it every day because dogs need exercise and they need to get out every once and awhile. And play with it as much as you have time for, Dogs need a lot of attention or else they will start to act wild and will not listen to you as much. Make sure to give it a checkup schedule and a good vet

Different dog breeds need different things, like some dogs like being with people and other dogs like to be alone, and how chihuahua are small and german shepherd is big.Depending on your age you should get either a puppy or an older dog.

You need to dog-proof your house, Put all shoes back where they belong or in a place where your dog can’t reach them, NEVER and i mean NEVER leave any prized possessions in a dog’s reach. Get a collar so you can attach its leash when you walk it and to put its tags onto it. And BUY TOYS so it won’t think your stuff is toys and so if it is alone it has something to play with and you can play with the toys with your dog. If you don’t want it sleeping with you or on your chairs or couch then buy or make it a bed to sleep on at night. And potty train it if it is a puppy so it will not make a mess in its sleep.

Use these methods to have a happy healthy and good dog.