March 28


De Notenkraker

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Maurice via Compfight

I love dancing but my favorite type of dancing is ballet. Ballet can tell stories and show your emotions. For example Swan Lake is a sad story but with a happy ending. Swan Lake is about a princess named Odet and she gets turned into a Swan by an evil man, and at sunset she turns into herself. I am going to be Odet this year in Swan Lake.

In ballet you start with flat looking shoes and when you are about 10 you get point shoes. You always in Ballet start on the right foot. All the steps have a meanings. For example Padisha means step of the cat. Ballet makes you calm and it is really hard. But at the end you become very strong and you can be in plays like me.

In Ballet you dance to classical music. Ballet is really fun and you might be able to do it some day.