November 14

No more littering on the beach

Lost things
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Giovanni Orlando via Compfight

Do you enjoy the beautiful beaches of San Diego?  Well, guess what? They are literally getting destroyed! The beautiful beaches of San Diego, California, and others in the United States are being littered and quickly being destroyed by trash. The beaches of the world are being trashed too. One little piece of trash might not seem like a big deal, but littering is a major problem in the United States. In fact, litter cleanup costs the country about $11.5 billion a year! That’s a lot of money! If we did not litter on the beach, The United States could save a whole lot of money!

When people litter on the beach that means other people have to waste their time to clean it up. Once when I went to the beach do you know what happened? I laid right down on a bottle! You know, bottles are not comfortable! So then instead of playing in the water I had to pick it up, and then find a trash can. The worst part is, by the time I got back someone threw a bottle onto my towel!!! Also, Some people (like myself) try to keep the beach clean and/or litter free, but when people litter, the people trying to keep the beach clean have to spend more time on that instead of enjoying other time spender activities like playing games or even just laying in the sun.

Guess what, when trash goes to sea dolphins and other creatures can die from it. If a pile of heavy trash attaches to an animal that breathes air the animal can drown! Also even worse all of those beloved water animals of ours can die from choking on all that trash! The worst part is that like if you have a super rare fish that is the last of its kind or any animal  (I’m just being creative with the fish) that needs water can get pulled out of the water and suffocate and die.

Hey, Trash on the beach, really? sure you are lazy and don’t want to pick it up but it is ugly and really dangerous, especially to kids! When trash is everywhere it looks like a dump and you know what, dumps are really ugly!!! Also if people into the sand they could hurt themselves really bad like when I was on the beach just walking and then out of nowhere boom! I stepped on a piece of broken glass and got a really nasty cut!!!

I really hate dirty beaches aren’t they the worst? Well, I think dirty beaches are the worst because of these reasons. First, when people litter on the beach that means other people have to waste their time cleaning it up and that’s not fun at all! Second, when trash goes to sea,dolphins and other people can die from it and that could lead to extinction. Finally, Third of all it is ugly and super dangerous!!!