April 12

The Interesting Life of Alexander Hamilton

Do you like July 4th, also known as Independence Day? You might know that July 4th is our country’s birthday. But who discovered America? Well, the people who discovered the United States of America were called “ Founding Fathers”. One of them was Alexander Hamilton, a very important person in American history. His goal was to make a very strong, central, government. Today, I will be telling you about his life and how he was such an important person.


Alexander Hamilton was born in Saint Nevis, a small island, on January 11, 1755. Alexander’s parents weren’t legally married and were poor. His mom’s name was Rachel Faucette, and was from France. His father, James Hamilton, was from Scotland, related to a very rich family. Alexander also had a brother named James. Since his parents weren’t married, he wasn’t allowed to go to a formal school and instead got tutored. Alexander also enjoyed reading and speaking in French and English.

In 1765, the Hamiltons moved to Saint Croix when he was 10 years old. Soon enough, Alexander and his mother got very sick. Luckily, Alexander gotten better from his cruel sickness. Sadly, Rachel Faucette died on February 19, 1768. After his mother died, his father moved to another island alone to make more money. Then, Alexander and James moved in with their adult cousin, and left after he committed suicide. Now Alexander and James were very lost in life.

Soon, Alexander got a job as a clerk while he was the only age of 13. Also, Alexander got to write for Saint Croix’s newspaper, the Danish American Gazette when he was 15. When Alexander was 17, a massive hurricane came and pounded Saint Croix and other islands. Soon, he wrote about that on the newspaper. Many rich people were impressed of Alexander and soon gave him enough money to go to New York!


Alexander Hamilton arrived in New York in 1773. He decided to go to King’s College in New York City. Hamilton also became a “loudspeaker” for the American Revolution. He did not like Great Britain taking over most of the states in America including New York. Later in College, Alexander started a group called the “Hearts of Oak”. It did not have to do with anything in the name. The group would do military drills in case they would have to go to war some day.

The Revolutionary War

Finally, the Hearts of Oak training paid off for Hamilton. Many general military soldiers, including General George Washington, wanted Hamilton to work for/with them.  Soon, Alexander became a military leader. A few weeks later, Washington asked Hamilton to be his assistant. Hamilton said yes. Also, Hamilton became friends with a military Frenchmen, Marquis De Lafayette. In 1780, Alexander met a woman named Elizabeth Schuyler, daughter of Philip Schuyler, a war hero. Hamilton fell in love with Eliza and married her in October of 1780.

Hamilton quit his job as being Washington’s assistant of being “ too careful and overprotective”, but Hamilton still fought along his side in the world. Finally, Washington gave him command of a group of men. Then, Hamilton was sent to Yorktown, Virginia to fight a big battle against Great Britain with Lafayette and Washington. After two weeks of battle, Hamilton and the Continental army won!!! America now had its own freedom and liberty! Now, Hamilton had to create the government.

Politics and the New Government

Eliza had a son named Philip Hamilton on January 22, 1782. Hamilton went to a law school in New York to be a lawyer. In 1784, Alexander Hamilton made the first national bank in New York for the United States of America. In 1787, the Hamilton family had grown. They now had four children. In 1788, the United States of America’s new government was official. Also, in 1789 George Washington won by a landslide for president against John Adams. Hamilton quit his job as a lawyer and became the first secretary of the United States of America. And the political parties were not the same from now. One were the Federalists, one were the Anti Federalists, also known as Democratic Republicans. Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist.

In 1790, George Washington got very sick, and Alexander took care of him. In !792, Eliza and Alexander had their fifth child, named John Hamilton. In 1789,  New York City was the new capital of the country. Then in 1790, Washington D.C. was the capital, even though it wasn’t even built until the year 1800. In 1795, Hamilton quit his political work and being secretary. Eliza now had 7 children.

A man named George Eaker made a speech and insulted Hamilton and his son Philip. Philip was mad and challenged Eaker to a duel. Philip dies the day after he got shot in the duel. Burr started to act as a very greedy man and Alexander started to dislike him, which made their friendship break in half like twigs. Then, Alexander called Burr “Untrustworthy” at a dinner. Burr became angry and challenged Hamilton to a duel. In the duel, Hamilton shot his bullet up in the air thinking Burr would also surrender, but got shot. Alexander Hamilton died on July 12, 1804.

Alexander Hamilton is one of the most important person in American history. He started out poor to a legacy. A life changer. This taught me even if you think you are unsuccessful, you can make success in pretty much anything.