April 11

The Amazing Life of a Butterfly

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Have you ever wondered how a butterfly egg stays on the leaf without falling? Well did you know butterflies attach their eggs with a special glue? Birds and butterflies are the same because they both have eggs. The way they are different is that birds put their eggs in a nest and butterflies on a leaf.  Another way they are different is that butterflies attach their eggs while birds place their eggs. Butterflies glue their eggs on the leaf so if there’s a storm, they will not fall off and break. The birds are different because their eggs are in a nest where it’s cozy and keeps the wind from blowing them off. Imagine you’re a butterfly attaching your eggs to a leaf.

 Have you ever wondered what butterflies eat? Did you know butterflies don’t actually eat? Instead, they drink nectar out of flowers. Butterflies are like hummingbirds because they don’t eat but drink out of flowers. They’re different because hummingbirds fly fast and butterflies don’t. Imagine you’re a butterfly flying to a flower and drinking nectar.  

  Did you ever wonder if butterflies are cold blooded or warm blooded? Well did you know butterflies are cold blooded!!! Butterflies and lizards are the same because they are both cold-blooded. They are different because butterflies stand on a leaf and lizards lay on the ground/rock to warm themselves in the sun. Imagine your a butterfly, you are cold-blooded and stand on a leaf to warm yourself up in the sun. You warm yourself up so you can fly to a flower and drink nectar etc..

Butterflies are beautiful because of their color, shapes, and sizes. It’s important to learn about them because we share the same world and they help carry pollen and control bugs from hurting the plants. I think butterflies are important because it gives more beauty to the world.

April 18

Our Amazing School Garden

Our school has three gardens–the Waterwise Garden, and another one next to our school library that we call “the garden”, and the Garden of Discovery or Butterfly Garden. Today I am going to tell you about a special garden called The Butterfly Garden. It is one of the places where monarchs stop in spring for a break, and lay their eggs. That is why it is called The Butterfly Garden.

Monarchs are large, beautiful colored butterfly that are easy to recognize by their orange, black, and white wings. Monarchs migrate from North, Central, and South America, Australia, and some Pacific Islands, India, and Europe,  all the way to Canada.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Devon Christopher Adams via Compfight

The wingspan of a full-grown monarch can reach nearly five inches or 13 cm. Most are about four inches though. A Monarch’s bright colors tells predators, “Don’t eat me! I’m poisonous.”

Every fall the Monarchs leave Canada and the United States and start flying back south. They keep going until they reach their homeland. That’s more than 2,000 miiles or 3,200 km.

In the beautiful butterfly garden we have lots of Milk Weed plants, bushes with flowers, and of course monarchs and other beautiful butterflies in the spring. I hope you like our amazing, beautiful Butterfly Garden.

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