September 28

How To Take Care of A Cat

Hi my name is Imogen and this year in April I got a cat. He is a boy and he is half Siamese and half Burmese and he is black. Looking after a cat is a LOT of work. This is what you have to do to take care of a cat.

1. Feed the cat two times a day. (Does one of those times have to be at 6:00in the morning?)

2. Clean the litter (five times a day (how much does this cat poop!))

Beware of the tail. If your cats tail is swishing wildly, that means it wants to scratch you in the face. If the tail is swishing and the eyes are big that means it wants to bite your arm off or tear out your hair.

Beware of the SCRATCHY tongue! In the mornings you will get a licky delight – but remember – the scratchy tongue has been in places you do not want to share with your cat. EEEEUUUWWW.

After all that work, your cat is a cute and snuggly thing. Most of the time.

Sasha on the stairs

SASHA – The cute monster!