December 18

Why do cats purr?

Why do cats purr? That’s a really good question. You probably think cats purr when they are happy but cats don’t always purr when they are happy but why? Let me tell a one reason why well the first reason is when a cat is sick or scared they will purr to calm themselves down. 

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Why do kittens purr?

A kitten will purr when they are nursing to tell there mom that they are oak also when a kitten is nursing they will paw on their mother’s stomach to produce more milk. When a kitten is scared or stressed they will purr to calm themselves down or tell them that they are safe and they will purr to bond with their moms.

Why do adult cats purr?

In the wild a mother cat will purr but without  alerting any predators and when their cubs are messing around or play fitting they will purr to tell them to calm down. When a cat is sick, hurt dying will purr when they come back from a hunt but the will purr to comfort itself and tell itself that everything is going to be oak.                          

Did you like all of those facts about why cats purr? Well if you did let me tell you a theory of how cats purr. Some scientists think that purring comes from neural oscillator sells sells comes from the brain and the brain sends the sells to the voice box and the voice box shakes to make that purring sound.

June 15

Cats or Dogs?

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There’s no question that Americans love both dogs and cats. About 48 percent of people own dogs and 38 percent own cats. That’s according to the American Pet Products Association. But one thing many people can’t agree on is which animal makes a better pet.

Cat lovers say their pets are easier to care for than dogs. They point out that cats don’t bark or jump on visitors. Also, it’s cheaper to own a cat.  Dogs often need training classes and eat more than cats do.

Still, dog owners say the money they spend is worth it. They argue that dogs are more social than cats. Plus, scientists who studied the brains of both animals determined that dogs are smarter than cats. Dog lovers also point out that canines help people in ways that felines can’t. For example, dogs can be trained as service pets for people who are disabled or have food allergies. What you think?

November 6

Cute Cats

MelDo you love cats? Well, I love cats and that’s what this post is about. Cats have better hearing than people and dogs. They can hear a tiny mouse in the walls that you don’t even notice. Cats lick their selves to get clean. Cats only like to get wet if they decide too. Other wise they hate it. Also don’t make them too mad or they’ll scratch you with their claws. Their claws are in their paws. Lastly what I have to say is CATS ARE CUTE!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Difusa via Compfight