May 2

Silence your Phone!

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Have you ever gone to a movie and been bothered by someone’s glowing phone screen when you want to focus on the movie screen? Most theaters ask people to turn off their phones before the film starts. But many theaters don’t enforce that rule. Why can’t they just do us a favor and ban cell phones at the movies?

Most people use their phone constantly and can hardly get off them! The movies are one of my favorite places because hardly anyone is on their phone. But when people are on their phone it really agitates me, why can’t they just go somewhere else to use their phones?

The movies are a place for most people to relax and watch a good screenplay, but for phone users, it’s just another relaxing place for them to use their phone. Plus it’s pretty annoying when you are in the middle of an intense movie and you keep hearing “RRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG RRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG” So next time you go to the movies please remember to silence your phone.


February 4

Kids Should Not Have Cell Phones

By Bradley

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Cell phones are bad for kids.

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Did you know that 56% of  kids ages 8-12 have cell phones? Well it’s true. A lot of kids over 8 have cell phones and I think that should not happen. Kids are spending too much time on phones. Phones are unhealthy for kids and it keeps you from from interacting with other people.

Kids are spending too much time on phones. We NEED TO STOP spending so much time on cell phones and we should play outside in the sun. Also, an average kid spends 73 minutes TEXTING on their phone in 1 day! And an average American spends 4.7 HOURS ON THEIR PHONES a day! Well part of this is because phones are so addicting that you play games or text or go on facebook all day and can’t get off.

This brings me to the next  reason which is phones are unhealthy for you. I am not talking about it has sugar or anything, I am talking about how it is bad for your body. When you look at a screen, radioactive waves hit your eyes which  hurts your eyes. Those radioactive waves keep on going till they hit your brain and cause a tiny bit of damage. But remember how phones are addicting, well that that can cause serious damage, especially for younger kids. Because kids brain haven’t fully developed yet, this can ruin their BRAINS! Being on phones too much can actually increase your stress levels.

Well my next reason why kids should not have cell phones is because they don’t interact with other people and play with other people. Kids just sit there and text or stuff like that when they are supposed to talk with their friends or family and be social with other people. And some people who are having dinner with their family people  are still playing on their phones which I do not agree with that.

Although some parents think that it does improve your social skills by texting, but I think that is not true. Kids going on phones is a bad idea and is not worth damaging their eyes and brain. It is also not worth decreasing their social skills with other people. Kids should enjoy playing around outside in the sun. This is why I think kids should not have cell phones.

February 26

Do kids need their own cell phone?

I think kids need their own cell phones. I listed some reasons why. Kid’s should have their own cell phone’s because what if you get lost you could for help. What if you need to search something they can do it on their cell phones and there are no parents around? What if your mom is running late if kids have cell phones your mom can tell you on your phone if someone else is going to pick you up.

Another reason kids need their own is to keep in touch with your family and friends .If your mom is running late you can call your her instead of feeling like he forgot you. You can also keep in touch with your friends and family

Cell phones could really help in an emergency. You could call if you need to and there is no other phone .If someone is hurt and no one is around you can call for help like call a friend or a parent for help. If someone is trying to rob and you are alone and not at your house you can call the cop’s.

This is why I think kids need their own cell phones. They could also call if you are in danger, need help or need something they can do it on their phone.

February 1

Do kids need cell phones?

Did you know 800,000 children get lost per year? Cell phones can change this problem. If a kid is lost in a crowd the kid will be able to contact supervision. Think of a kid lost with no cell phone they would run around looking for their parents and the parents looking for them. Chaos, right? That is only one way cell phones can help kids.

Kids always want to be with friends. If we had a cell phone it would feel like being with them. Some people in that are a part family don’t live us so we can contact them and the cell phone fixes that problem too.

Do kids really need cell phones?

Kids get bored very often. Phones can have apps are able to be on phones so we can learn, play, use the internet, and other ways to use time. Some games are both playing and education games like cloud math and chalkboard math.

Cell phones can help in many different ways. Those are to contact supervision, call people, and to entertain. That’s why I think kids should have cell phones.