May 9

Instructions for Week 9: Count out three

Week 9’s blog challenge is a game and a chance to visit lots of other blogs and leave comments on great posts you read. You will eventually leave at least 9 comments on 9 different posts, and then write about them for our blog. Follow the directions below carefully:

How to play the game.

Step 1: Right click on a link to a blog in our Blogroll links, open in a new tab. Try visit a blog in another country.

Step 2: Read at least THREE posts on this blog and leave ONE quality comment on one of those posts. If there are no really interesting posts, click on another student in this blog or go back to our class blog and choose another blog.

Step 3: Write down the URL of the blog and the post you left the comment on, as these will be added to a post you will write about the game. (Use your writing journal.)

Step 4: Next, look on the blogroll of this student. Right click open in a new page, a link from this blogroll. Try to get someone who is not from their class. Often teachers will use a pattern eg s600 or hz2 at the end of a student name when they create the blogs.

Step 5: Do steps 2, 3 and 4 again until you have visited and left 3 comments on 3 different blogs.

Play this game at least three times – you will have left 9 comments on 9 different posts.

Write a post about your visits. What type of posts did you find interesting? What did you say in your quality comments? Which countries did you visit? Did students or class blogs have blogrolls that included students or classes from other countries or were they mainly their own classmates? Be sure to include a link to the actual post you wrote your comment on, for example, I visited Sue’s post about the “Count Out Three” game. (I’ll review how to create a link with you.)

Good Luck! Now get bloggin’.